How to Update A Profile Picture

Updating your Profile Image is a crucial part of managing a page, when new head shots are taken or logos are updated adjustments need to be made to stay up to date! I will go through the steps of uploading a Profile Image on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Uploading a Profile Image to Facebook:

In order to upload a Profile Image to a Business Page you must be an Administrator to your Business Page.

Step One:

Head over to your Facebook Business Page. If you are unsure of how to access your Business Page please see our guide-

Locate the small camera icon located on the Profile Image currently in place.


Step Two:

Click on the camera icon, a pop up menu will appear with the options

  • Choose from Photos – pick an image you have already uploaded to Facebook
  • Take photo – take a new picture with your webcam
  • Upload a photo- choose a new file from your computer
  • Edit Thumbnail- edit the position/ cropping of the thumbnail image
  • Remove – delete the image currently in place without replacing it


Step Three:

Choose the option with which you would like to proceed, then select the photo you would like to use.

If you are uploading a new file from your computer we suggest using a .PNG file as they are Facebook’s preferred file type and load quickly and clearly.


Uploading a Profile Image to Twitter:

Step One:

Log into your Twitter Account. Upon Logging in you will be brought to your homepage.

Locate and click on the small icon of your current Profile Image (also called the Twitter Avi) in the top right corner of the page.

A dropdown menu will appear, select the first option View Profile.


Step Two:

You will be brought to your Twitter Profile.

Locate and click on Edit Profile on the right portion of the screen near your banner image.


Step Three:

Clicking the button will bring you to an Edit screen, click “Change your profile photo”


You will be given the option to either Upload a photo, Take a photo (if there is a camera on your device), Remove a photo, or cancel your edits. Choose the option which applies to your desired edits. Be sure to click Save Changes or your changes will not be saved.



Uploading a Profile Image to Pinterest:

Step One:

Log Into your Pinterest Account. Locate and click on the small icon of your current profile image in the top right portion of the screen, then click My profile.


Step Two:

You will be brought to your Pinterest Profile.

Locate and click on the gear icon on the right portion of the screen toward the top.


Step Three:

Clicking the button will bring you to an Edit screen, it will open to the Business Account Basics section, scroll to the Profile section of the window. Locate and click Change picture.


You will only be given the option to upload a new image


Step Four:

Select your picture, be sure to save your changes upon completion.

Sending Tweets

Posts to Twitter are referred to as “Tweets”. A Tweet can be up to 140 characters and can contain links, GIFs, videos, and images, as well as hashtags. Steps for both how to send a Tweet as well a how to Mention another user in a Tweet will be explained.

Send a Tweet:


Step One:

Head to and select “Log In” to log into an already existing account, or “Sign Up” to create a new account.

Step Two:

Once you have logged in you will see your homepage, it will look similar to the photo below:



From the Homepage you can click into the dialogue box where it says “What’s happening?” and add your verbiage or any media there, you can also click on the “Tweet” icon in the top right corner to bring up a dialogue box.


Remember when typing out your Tweet to keep an eye on the character count as there is a 140 character limit (not including links). When you have entered too many characters the number will show up negative and the font will turn red.

You can enter any text in the “What’s happening” area of the dialogue box, the icons are explained below:

  • Camera- add an image or video from your device
  • GIF- opens the GIF library of searchable GIFs for your Tweet
  • Polls- allows users to create polls which other users can answer, results will be displayed once the poll is over
  • Location- tag your location in your Tweet


Step Three:

Once you have entered the information and media you would like to Tweet as well as any relevant hashtags, you simply hit “Tweet”.


To Tweet At Someone:

Step One:

Head to the users profile, if you are not already on it, you can look for them using the search bar in the top right portion of the screen:


Step Two:

Once you are on the profile you wish to Tweet to locate the “Tweet to …” button under the users profile image:


Step Three:

Notice the @username at the front of the dialogue box, this lets you know that you are Tweet at that user specifically rather than just Tweeting in general.

Enter the verbiage you would like to send out and hit “Tweet”


Alternatively, if you would like to reply to a Tweet by another user, locate and click the arrow to the bottom left of the Tweet:


How to use hashtags

Hashtags are mainly used on Twitter, but can also be used on Facebook. When using a hashtag you use the number symbol (#). 

First Log in to your Twitter, Facebook, or both. 


Step 1- In the top middle of your Twitter account you will see an area to compose and post a status. (circled in red) 


The section where it says “What’s happening?” is where you will post an update with a hashtag. When choosing a hashtag you want to make sure it is relevant to the content you are posting as well as a popularly used. If you are posting about buying a home you can have a few different hashtags. For example if you’re a Long Island Real Estate Professional your hashtags might look similar to these:



  • You cannot put punctuation or spaces in a hashtag
  • Search for trending hashtags and tweet accordingly, but do not use hashtags that are irrelevant to your post
  • Get a schedule in place with trending tags such as #MondayMotivation or create your own catchy hashtags like #LovelyListings
  • You can hashtag your brand to make all of your posts easily searchable for example #REMAX or #SuzzieSells

After choosing your hashtags the final step is to click Tweet.




*Post AS your Facebook Business Page rather than on it.* If you are unsure how to do so see this guide –

Step 1- In the middle right hand side your account you will see where you would post a status.


The section where it says “What’s on your mind?” is where you will post a status with hashtags. I will be using the same hashtags that I used for Twitter.

Capture-listings-fb copy

You can let friends and followers know what you’re up to, when you’ve got new Listings, or when you’re having an Open House!

After choosing your hashtags the final step is to click Post.