Twitter for Real Estate

How to Edit the Information Displayed on your Twitter Profile

At the top of your Twitter Profile right below your display Name is a bio – a short description of yourself and/or the services you offer. Below this is your location, and below that a link to your website if you have one. Every once in a while you may need to adjust the information displayed in this area, maybe you’ve decided to focus on re-branding and need the bio and Profile Photo to match the rest of your marketing, perhaps you’ve gotten a promotion, new designation, or even moved locations. There is no need to worry about any outdated or incorrect information on your Twitter, here we will outline how to edit the info displayed on your Twitter Profile.


Step 1) Head over to Twitter and log into your Twitter Account

Step 2) Once logged in you will be on the home screen, look to the top right side of the screen and click the thumbnail image.  In the dropdown menu select “View profile”.

Step 3) Upon clicking you will be brought to your profile, on the right side, right below your banner photo locate and click “Edit Profile”.

Step 5) You will be brought to an editing screen, you can now change your bio, location, and website link. You can also change your Theme color, and choose the option to show when you’re live. The appropriate locations are labeled below.

Step 6) When you have finished, be sure to click “Save Changes”

How to Go Live on Twitter

Live Video content has been exploding over the last few months. With new live features being added to nearly every Social Media Platform it was only a matter of time before we got an official Twitter Live Video option. Facebook has reported that video content has a 135% better reach than just photographic content, with that type of growth it’s no wonder Twitter is joining the rest.  If you aren’t already using live video to share Real Estate information, tips, and sales material specific to you, this is the year to start!

Released just this past December and powered by Periscope, Users can now easily go live directly from the Tweet composition window where viewers on Twitter and Periscope (your video will broadcast in both platforms) can comment and send hearts to show support.

Before Getting Started Keep In Mind:

  • You can only go live via the Twitter App, you cannot go live on Twitter via the website
  • You can include a hashtag in your video title
  • You should promote your live video prior to going live
  • Once concluded, your video will appear on your profile as a Tweet


Step One)

Open the Twitter app on your device. Locate and click on the Compose Tweet button


Step Two)

A Tweet composition window will appear locate and click one “Go Live”


If this is your first time using Twitter Live this window will appear, simply click “OK got it”


Step Four)

Enter your video title, you can use a hashtag to boost popularity. Once you have settled on a title click “Go LIVE”


If you need some inspiration for Live video subject ideas, check out our blog post on FB Live Video !

Getting Started with Twitter Polls for Real Estate

Twitter is consistently making it easier for us as brands to build our recognition and reach out to our audience. One of the many ways to engage with your Twitter followers is to conduct a Poll. Twitter Polls are built into the Tweet-composition window and are easy to set up and send out. Just like a regular Tweet, users can increase the visibility of their poll by including useful and relevant hashtags. At first glance one would assume polls to be useful for industries like Politics or Media, but Twitter Polls can be useful for a Real Estate Professional as well- here are some ideas, and how to get started:

Follower Research:

Use Twitter Polls to get a feel for the people in your audience and what stage of the home buying or selling process they are at. Even if everyone in your network isn’t exactly ready to buy or sell, opening up a dialogue now will keep you fresh in their memories when they do need a Real Estate Professional.

By conducting follower research you can figure out what your fans need help with, how they prefer to look for homes, and what kind of content you can post to your Pages to increase interaction. If you regularly post videos you can even decide your next topic based on Poll results. See our Examples below:



Just for Fun:  

Your audience is bombarded with advertisements all day, sometimes it’s nice to just interact with a brand without all of the strings of a sale. Show your followers that you’re genuinely interested in them and start some fun conversations. Use your professional humor to share Polls that your users will want to take part in. Let your users get to know you as well by sharing your own opinion in a separate Tweet to get the momentum going.



Getting Started:

Head over to and log into your account.

At the home screen, locate and click on “Tweet” in the top right corner of the screen.


Once you have clicked “Tweet”, a dialogue window will appear. Locate and click on the “Poll” icon.


Once the “Poll” icon is clicked, the window will shift to allow your question and the answer options.

Enter your question in the top box reading “Ask your question…”, then enter up to four answers in the “Choice” boxes below. Click “Add a choice” to add more options, adjust the duration of the poll by clicking “Poll length”.

Once you have entered all necessary information, click “Tweet”.


At the home screen, locate and click on your photo thumbnail in the top right corner, when clicked a dropdown menu will appear. Click “View profile” to review your Poll and check that it is correct.