Snap Inc: Making Moves and Growing Fast

Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) has been growing exponentially ever since its debut in 2011. Initially a simple app where users could send one another time sensitive images and videos, Snap Inc. has grown to revolutionize our personal augmented reality consumption, break advertising impression records for major companies, and has very recently released its first piece of hardware – Spectacles. In the last few weeks the company has had some big news for us consumers.


The first Spectacles are sold, and only available at Snapbots:

Never one for convention, Snap Inc.’s new Spectacles will only be available at sunglasses wielding vending machines known as Snapbots. Currently the Snapbots will show up to cities at random, where long lines will form full of hopeful Spectacle-starved Snap lovers, but there is no word on whether or not this model will change. For the time being anyone eagerly awaiting their chance at Spectacles can locate the vending machines by heading over to Spectacles.com/map. If you’re very worried about missing out however, consider signing up for an email alert by Snapbot Spotter.

I’m personally hoping the big box stores or malls will get their own semi-permanent Snapbots for the upcoming Holiday gifting season.


Snap Inc. is Going Public:

This morning it was reported that Snap Inc. has filed for its initial public offering. The company is already valued at around $18 billion USD, but the switch could raise that to as much as $35 billion. Such a large figure could easily keep Snapchat in the top Apps for years and significantly grow its influence. The company has clearly been expanding and trying (successfully) to compete for a share of user’s time ever since its release- a move that attracted the attention of Facebook in 2013. Since Snap’s refusal to sell three years ago, the two social giants have been in tense competition with one another with Facebook even going as far as to create their own Snapchat-esque App (not available in the U.S.). Now that Snap Inc. will get this influx of capital we are all waiting with baited breath for the counter-punch to Facebook, and to see what new hardware this out-of-the-box company comes up with next!


Video Technology and Real Estate Marketing

Marketing experts across the board are championing video content as the new wave of content marketing, video content gets 1200% more shares than text and photo content combined, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page google result by up to 53 times, and video ads have an average CTR of 1.84%, the highest of all digital ad formats. The numbers show that creating and sharing video content is a worthwhile investment for any Real Estate Professional. With all of the video technology readily available, there is no shortage of creative ways to create or purchase great video content.

Snap Inc.’s Spectacles

Just this week Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) announced plans to release their first piece of hardware. Spectacles. Similar to Google Glass, the sunglasses will contain a camera and are able to shoot ten second videos in a circular format. These circular videos can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode only on Snapchat (of course once the snaps are saved to your account you can easily save them to the camera roll on your phone). We’re still waiting for more details such as a release date, but the sunglasses will be priced at an affordable $129 and charge while in their case. Snap Inc.’s Spectacles will be a more trendy, efficient way to shoot first person perspective videos and post them directly to your Snapchat memories.


What does this mean for Real Estate? There are already a number of marketing experts who would suggest that Real Estate Professionals get started with Snapchat to reach out to the younger generation of potential clients. With Spectacles, a Real Estate Professional can easily record shots of each room in a new listing, Brokers can introduce new Agents to their Social Media network with quick hello videos, and you can share useful tips and tricks to your network.


Apps and Tools You Can Use Now

There are a plethora of good video creating and editing apps and tools that will allow you to create amazing content for your Real Estate marketing strategy. We strongly suggest sharing your listings in video format in addition to tips and tricks and live question and answer sessions. Here are 3 tools that will help you get started creating your own videos for Real Estate:

iMovie – A classic, this Apple Essential allows users to create slideshows out of images or capture and edit video. Users can seamlessly transition from static image to motion picture, add captions, narration, titles, and filters.

Roofshoot– This app is made specifically for Real Estate professionals and functions as both a video creation tool and a social media network. Agents can create and post video with music, narration, and gorgeous transitions, while potential clients can search through the videos and profiles to find the home or agent that best suits their needs. While this app is still currently in BETA mode, you can participate in the BETA program by signing up for free on their website.

Facebook Slideshow – These Slideshows are advertisements specifically formatted for Facebook and Instagram. Users create the advertisement with an existing video or photos, they can choose audio for the background and insert a text overlay. Facebook Ad’s are a paid feature and you will need to set a budget and enter your payment information to create the videos. As an added benefit of using video content in your Social Media Marketing strategy, Facebook recently made algorithm changes that move video content to the top of the queue.




A well done drone camera shot looks not only extremely professional, but they can leave viewers with a strong sense of satisfaction, which can be effective considering that positive emotions created by watching video can impact viewers buying decisions. Drones are capable of taking dramatic shots from angles and altitudes we could previously only imagine without a helicopter and the budget to rent one. Be creative with your drone use, discuss any interesting history of the home and the surrounding area as well as any interesting local features. It can be beneficial to include a few shots of the neighborhood so that viewers can get a feel for your home as the full package. Allowing viewers the ability to picture themselves in the home with context is an extremely powerful tool. Add professional voice tracks, music, and text overlays to transform your virtual tour into a gorgeous visual story.

While drones are becoming increasingly more affordable due to popularity and are relatively easy to operate, many Real Estate Professionals are opting to hire a photographer to take their drone shots for them. Operating a drone requires a remote pilot certificate with a sUAS rating from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The FAA estimates that this license will only cost about $150, however it does require that the operator take a knowledge test every 2 years to remain certified.



Always Get Creative

Set yourself apart from the rest not only by having excellent video content, but by showcasing your unique perspective, knowledge, and professionalism in each video you post. Whether you are using Facebook Live Video, a drone camera video, Snapchat, or a simple video you have put together yourself – always get creative. Here are some ideas you can use to make your videos stand out:

  • Humor – make sure your videos are still professional, but it is a good idea to make a joke every once in a while. The right funny video has viral properties- people will want to share the laugh with their friends and they will remember the positive feeling they got from your video when they see your brand.
  • History and Facts – share great local hang outs, give local businesses shout outs (you can arrange for mutual social media shout outs if you are friendly with the owners), and share your neighborhoods unique history with your network. Allow prospective buyers to get a full image of your area in a way that only a local expert like yourself can provide.
  • Take Risks – one LA REALTOR ® has seen incredible results from his cinematic listing “dramas”. Film Student turned Real Estate Professional Ben Bacal creates short films that take place on the properties he is selling, and the results couldn’t be more impressive. The films are shot in such a way that the viewer is enthralled by the video, but the home is always the real star. Ben took his distinguishing experience in the film industry and applied it rather successfully to his Real Estate videos. What training do you have that can help you create more gripping videos?