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Can I Remove a Bad Review From Facebook?

Unfortunately when you allow reviews and ratings on your Business Page, there is always the small chance you will get a negative review, or even a fake review. Often after enabling reviews, users will ask, “If I get a bad review, can I take it down?”. The short answer to the question is, no you cannot remove a negative review from Facebook without disabling all reviews and ratings to the Page.

But that does not mean there is no avenue for you to take. In this Blog Post we will review the ways you can combat a bad review on Facebook.

  • Responding to a Negative Review

You can and should respond to all reviews on your Page. Even if your Page visitors see that someone has had a potentially poor experience (or simply a misunderstanding) they will know that you are diplomatic and reasonable by your courteous response to the review.

Remember, this should be non-confrontational. Apologize for the negative experience, thank the person for their feedback, and de-escalate the situation as much as possible. Refrain from mentioning your Business Name in the response so the negative review will not be prioritized on a Google search. You can even respond to a positive review to let users know you appreciate them.



  • Reporting a Fake Review

Surprisingly, fake reviews are an issue on Facebook from time to time. Maybe the user has confused your Business Page for another Company, or the user is a “troll” and is just leaving a fake review to be malicious. You can report a review that has broken the Facebook Community Standards in some way, or one that does not focus on the product or service offered on your Page.

Whatever the reason, you do have the option to report reviews to Facebook. This however, is not an immediate process, reporting the review will submit it to Facebook for potential removal.


Step 1) Head over to your Business Page, locate and click on the Reviews tab


Step 2) Locate and click the downward facing arrow, click “Report post”


Step 3) State your reason for reporting and continue with the on screen instructions



  • Removing the Reviews Section 

If you are having trouble with reviews you can always remove the Ratings and Reviews section from your Page.

Step 1) Head to your Business Page and click “Settings” in the top right side of the Page

Step 2) You will be brought to a General Settings Area, in the left column locate and click “Edit Page”.

Step 3) Scroll through your tabs to find the “Reviews” tab, click into “Settings” and follow the on screen instructions.


How to Go Live on Twitter

Live Video content has been exploding over the last few months. With new live features being added to nearly every Social Media Platform it was only a matter of time before we got an official Twitter Live Video option. Facebook has reported that video content has a 135% better reach than just photographic content, with that type of growth it’s no wonder Twitter is joining the rest.  If you aren’t already using live video to share Real Estate information, tips, and sales material specific to you, this is the year to start!

Released just this past December and powered by Periscope, Users can now easily go live directly from the Tweet composition window where viewers on Twitter and Periscope (your video will broadcast in both platforms) can comment and send hearts to show support.

Before Getting Started Keep In Mind:

  • You can only go live via the Twitter App, you cannot go live on Twitter via the website
  • You can include a hashtag in your video title
  • You should promote your live video prior to going live
  • Once concluded, your video will appear on your profile as a Tweet


Step One)

Open the Twitter app on your device. Locate and click on the Compose Tweet button


Step Two)

A Tweet composition window will appear locate and click one “Go Live”


If this is your first time using Twitter Live this window will appear, simply click “OK got it”


Step Four)

Enter your video title, you can use a hashtag to boost popularity. Once you have settled on a title click “Go LIVE”


If you need some inspiration for Live video subject ideas, check out our blog post on FB Live Video !

How to Invite Friends from your Personal Page to your Business page


Boosting your audience is one of the most important things a Real Estate Professional can do to get their name out there in the Social Media world. As your audience grows and interacts with your Page your potential visual impressions increase not just from those audience members but the people they are connected with as well. Inviting your personal Facebook friends to like or even share your Business Page is likely to really set the ball rolling on building your fan base.

Step 1- When viewing your Home screen when logged into your Personal Account, you will see a section that says “Pages” on the left side of the screen.  Below that you will see the name of your Facebook Business page.

Alternately you can also get to your Page by searching for it by name in the search bar at the top of the screen.


Step 2- Start to type the name (I’ll be using Solved Social Media for the demonstration) of your business page in the bar and your page should pop up in the dropdown menu. Click it and you will be brought to your business page.


Step 3- Once you have reached your Facebook Business Page, locate and click on the “…” ellipses located below your cover photo.


Step 4- When the drop down menu appears, locate and click on “Invite Friends”.


Step 5- Upon clicking “Invite Friends” a pop up window will appear showing your Personal Facebook connections with the option to “Invite” on the right side. Anyone who has already liked you Page will appear with “Liked” rather than the “Invite” option, anyone you have already invited will appear with “Invited” beside their name.

When you have finished inviting the friends you would like to bring over, click on “Close” at the bottom of the window.


To view the steps in action please see our video: