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Publishing Job Posts on Facebook

Typically when you think of a Job Posting site, Facebook is not the first place that comes to mind, however they hope to be- and it makes sense. Facebook is already the social media giant, with 1.23 billion daily active users on average so why not try to cultivate some job applications there?

With this new feature you can. Pages will now have the ability to post Job Listings and receive applications from potential candidates. Applications will be sent by Facebook via Messenger, and will come pre-populated with the applying user’s Facebook information, however they can alter and update it as needed.

In a competitive and slightly unexpected move, these posts are free for employers to publish and there is no limit to how many posts a Page can have. This feature will be part of your “Write Something” box, and will slowly roll out to the U.S. and Canada so if you don’t see the feature just yet don’t panic.


How to Get Started

Step One: Head over to your Facebook Business Page and locate the “Write Something” box. Look to the bottom and click “See All”.

Step Two: Clicking “See All” should reveal more options, locate and click on “Publish a Job Post”

Step Three: In the pop up window you will be able to include all necessary information for your Job Post as well as a Live Preview.

Be sure to fill out all information and make your post eye catching. The image will default to your Cover Photo however you may want to pick something that will stand out more to someone searching for a job.

Step Four: When you have finished click “Publish Job Post”. A window will appear letting you know your post has been approved and that it will appear on Facebook.

Step Five: Your Job post will appear on your Pages Timeline.

New Features Added to Facebook Video

Video on Facebook has become more popular than ever and its popularity just keeps getting amplified. The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm is already geared to favor videos heavily. Given the success Facebook has seen with video, they’ve decided to make some changes to the features.

We have long been in favor of using video in your Real Estate Marketing, but as Facebook brings on more and more improvements, it is imperative to adopt video into your Marketing Strategy.

Auto-playing Sound

You may have noticed when scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed that while videos will auto-play as you pass them, the sound remains off. After some positive testing, Facebook decided to pull the trigger on auto-playing sound as well. If your devices sound is already turned off, there’s no need to worry. Videos will not start to play sound automatically when a devices sound is turned off, however Facebook was sure to include the option to turn off auto-playing sounds just in case you’re still hesitant.

What does this mean for Real Estate: When you share a video to your fans, the sound will automatically play and you can draw them in this way. Be sure to start your videos off confidently and try to entice them in the first sentence to keep listening and watching. Think of the beginning of your videos as an introductory paragraph to an essay- the more interesting the first lines, the more likely your viewer is to finish consuming your content.


Vertical Video and Uninterrupted Viewing:

We know that more and more Users are surfing Facebook via their Mobile Devices, and so Facebook loves Mobile optimization. Vertical videos have now been optimized for Mobile devices, giving viewers a larger preview as well as full screen vertical viewing.

But for Users who are in the mood to multitask, not only are viewers able to keep watching a video in the bottom of the app screen as they scroll through Facebook, they can now continue watching that video outside of the app all together. So far only Android devices can watch outside of the app, but fingers crossed this changes soon!

What does this mean for Real Estate: This means more video views and more videos completed. Now that viewers can even continue outside of the app and as they scroll through their Timelines you will have more time to get your statement across. Full screen Mobile viewing means that any vertical videos you share are now bigger and easier for Users to view. Any details that may have been neglected due to small size are now on full view- this could be extremely useful if you use text overlay in your videos.


Facebook Video for TV app:

Facebook announced a Facebook video app that can be used first on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV with more options to come in the future. This app will make it possible for Facebook Users to watch videos they’ve saved for later, videos their friends or Pages they follow have shared, live video, and the global top videos. Since the app has not yet rolled out we don’t know what the interface will look like, but we’re excited none the less.

What does this mean for Real Estate: Expanding on the idea that bigger is better, Users will now be able to watch any videos you post to your Page on their compatible TV’s. Big screens mean a better view of details in the video and more viewing options will mean higher view rates across the board. Having the option to sit and watch Facebook videos on your TV could mean more completed views and more Users getting sucked into a video watching loop. Publish content regularly, not just your Listings but also Real Estate tips and advice- give your viewers content to consume and as long as your Page has an active audience they will consume it.


Read more about video changes in the Facebook Newsroom- Click Here

Creating a Facebook Milestone

Every business has milestone dates that deserve a bit of recognition. With Facebook, users can create and share these special dates using “milestones”. In this post we will go through the steps of creating a Facebook “milestone”.

Here are some ideas for how to use milestones:

  • Commemorate a work anniversary such as a new office location opening
  • Celebrate your Sales, use Facebook to remember what days you’ve closed on homes with clients and send out a Happy Home-iversary card at 1 or 5 years
  • Mark personal work accomplishments like a new certification or license


Step 1)

Log into Facebook and head over to your Business Page, once at your Business Page locate the ellipses “…” button below the Cover Image and next to “Share”.

Step 2)

A dropdown menu will appear, choose “Create Milestone” from the list.

Step 3)

A window will appear, enter all relevant information, on the left you can attach a photo either from your Facebook account (choose from photos) or from your device (upload photos…).

When you are finished click “Save”




Getting Spooky with Facebook and Fang-tastic Halloween Real Estate Marketing Ideas!

Halloween greetings Real Estate Professionals! To help us get in the spooky mood, Facebook is rolling out some festive treats for their users. Adding new themed reactions for a limited time as well as Snapchat-esque masks to their Live Video, Facebook has got us thinking about the benefits of businesses celebrating Halloween and even coordinating specific holiday marketing.


A good marketing campaign has a stickiness factor, meaning that the ad stays with the viewer even after they have finished viewing it. Holiday ads have that extra bite, a clever advertisement can bring a smile to the consumer’s face, locking your name in their memory and keeping it there so that when they think: “I need a Realtor” they think of you. Holidays give you the Real Estate Professional countless ways to reach out to and connect with your audience, make sure you are taking advantage of this major benefit!

It isn’t too late to spread a little spook to your network for Halloween, especially with the help of Facebook.


Here are a few last minute Halloween Marketing Ideas:

1) Facebook Live Video with Halloween Masks

Give your fans a shout out via Facebook Live Video, but give it a Halloween Spin with the new Facebook Masks. Don’t worry if you don’t see masks on your FB Live Video just yet, masks will be rolling out over the next few days for people using Facebook Live on iOS in the United States, with the Android option coming later.

While it may be silly to give Real Estate advice in a virtual Halloween mask, you can offer a simple holiday hello, or make a special announcement. Host a pumpkin carving contest and ask followers to send you their masterpieces for the chance to win a prize, host a giveaway, offer a deal like a free home evaluation. Get creative and have fun!



To record a Live Video using Facebook’s new masks:


2) Treat Bags for Parents Only

How often do you get a line of leads walking up to your doorstep with arms outstretched for treats? Just once a year on Halloween! The focus may be on the children, but that doesn’t mean parents are unreachable. Give out candy to the kids (people always remember the house with the full sized bars) but make special treat bags for the parents as well. Fill your bags up with a few treats as well as your business card and a spooky print out with your contact information. You can include an invite to an open house, inquiry event, or even a coupon for home related services. Hand out your parent gifts while you hand out Halloween candy, or leave a special tray out labeled “For Parents Only!” Save yourself time and money by designing your own print out using Canva and printing it at home.




3) Haunted Open House

Host a haunted house in a vacant home you’re listing in an area with lots of neighbors. Give trick or treaters and their parents a reason to tour the property with simple scares and the promise of candy at the end. Get some friends together with costumes to jump out of the ample closet space, hang spider webs from those soaring high ceilings. After the spooky walk through hand out a flier with information on the house, photos of it un-haunted, contact information, and an invite to a real Open House event. Make sure you display your creepy-creation as a “Haunted Open House” so attendees realize you are a Real Estate Professional and you aren’t confused for the new neighbors.



Holiday marketing can be tons of fun and thanks to the popularity of Social Media combined with the ease of new technology, you don’t even need to leave your home to create and execute a successful Halloween marketing campaign. Take these spooky ideas and scare yourself up some leads this Halloween Season, and don’t forget: Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner!