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Removing a Board from Your Pinterest Account

Perhaps you are moving locations and that local board is no longer relevant to your business, maybe you’re getting out of Residential and focusing only on Commercial Real Estate, so you don’t need that big board of Backyards. Whatever the reason, there may come a point where you would like to delete a board from your Pinterest Account. If you have created this board on your own Account, then you do have this ability.

While I would suggest attempting first to repurpose the board- can you perhaps rename it and salvage some of its use? If you find that this board is just no longer in line with your needs, you can see the steps below to remove your board.

There is also the chance you do not own this board. Are you a collaborator to any board? If so you will not have the ability to delete the board in full, however you can remove yourself as a collaborator and thus stop the board from appearing on your Pinterest Account. Scroll below “Deleting a Board on Your Account” for step by step instructions on removing yourself as a collaborator.

Deleting a Board on Your Account

Step One)  Log into your Pinterest account, locate and click on the thumbnail of your profile picture in the top right portion of the screen.

Step Two)  Select “My Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Step Three)  While viewing your Profile, locate the board you would like to delete. Hover on the board and click “Edit”.

Step Four)  Please note that while in this window you can edit the board. If you would like to change the boards name or make it “secret” (visible only to you, the account owner) rather than delete the board entirely, you may do so here and click “Save”.

Step Five) If you are sure you would like to delete the board, locate and click on “Delete board”

Step Six)  When the window appears, click “Delete board”.


Removing Yourself as a Collaborator on Pinterest

Step One)  Log into your Pinterest account, locate and click on the thumbnail of your profile picture in the top right portion of the screen.

Step Two)  Select “My Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Step Three) Locate the board you wish to remove from your Profile. You will know this is a collaborating board if there is a circle in the bottom.

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Step Four)  Locate your Profile on the list of collaborators, click on “Leave” to the right.

Step Five)  When the pop up window appears, click “Leave”.

How to Edit the Information Displayed on Your Pinterest Business Profile

At the top of your Pinterest Business Profile near your Profile Photo is an About You – a short description of yourself and the services you offer, near this is a link to your website if you have one. Every once in a while you may need to adjust this area, maybe you’ve decided to focus on re-branding and need the About You and Profile Photo to match the rest of your marketing, perhaps you’ve gotten a promotion, new designation, or even moved locations. There is no need to worry about any outdated or incorrect information on your Pinterest, here we will outline how to edit the info displayed on your Business Pinterest Profile.


Step One)

Log in to your Pinterest Account at


Step Two)

Locate and click on the thumbnail image in the top right corner, when the dropdown menu appears select “My Profile”.


Step Three)

Once you are on your Profile, locate and click the gear icon.


Step Four)

Clicking the gear icon will reveal a Business Account Basics area, to the left you will see a menu.

Locate and select “Profile”


Step Five)

Once in the “Profile” edit screen, you will see you have the ability to change your Business Name, Picture, URL, About You, Location, and Website. Make any desired changes to your information here, be sure to click “Save Changes: before closing the screen.



Here is a video displaying the steps described in the guide above: 


How to Convert a Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account

If you have already been using a Personal Pinterest Account for your Business, there is no reason to worry about needing to start fresh. You can easily convert your Personal Account into a Business Account without losing all of your Pins and Boards. As an added benefit, only Business Accounts can use Promoted Pins (Pins that are also paid ads designed to increase visibility), and only Business Accounts can access Pinterest Analytics.


Step One:

Make sure you are already logged into your Pinterest account. Head to Locate and click “Convert Now” under “Already have an account?”


Step Two:

A pop up window will appear, fill out the important information and click “Convert”


Step Three:

Upon clicking “Convert” you will be brought to your new Business Page with a Welcome Note from Pinterest. Under the Welcome message will be some new features available only to Business Accounts. Take a look at your analytics and explore everything else.


How to create a board on your Pinterest account

You can set up an unlimited amount of “Boards” on you Pinterest account. Typically boards are categorized just like the topics you chose when you set up your account. The strategy here is fairly simple: create boards that inspire ideas for your prospects and current clients.

>Board Examples: Kitchens, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Backyards, etc.

Step 1:

You will need to be logged in and viewing your profile. Click “+Create a Board” on the left and choose the “Create a Board” option.


Step 2: 

You will be prompted to name the board, write a small description and choose a category. If you would like the board to only be visible by you select “Keep It Secret”, however if you will be using the board for work related pins I highly suggest leaving it public.


Hit “Create Board” and now you are ready to pin pictures to your boards.


To the view steps in action, please see our video below: