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New Instagram Stories Features, and How to Use Them for Real Estate

Back in August of 2016, Instagram introduced Stories- a photo sharing feature inside of the app that functions very similar to your Snapchat Story. Users share photos and videos to their Stories and the content is only available for 24 hours. As more users give in and embrace Stories, Instagram has let out a few more features. Here is how you can use those features for Real Estate.

Live Video on Stories:  

Users sharing to Stories have always had the ability to include photo and video, however now users can officially go live using IG Stories. The broadcasts can only last up to an hour, and will disappear from the app when finished, creating a sense of urgency and intimacy around the live feed. While you are live, viewers can like and comment as much as they need and you can even pin a specific comment to the screen for everyone to see. The Instagram Stories Live feature has already rolled out across the United States and is on it’s way to international reach.

How to use it for Real Estate:

Much like Facebook Live, live Instagram Stories can be an excellent way to give a virtual tour to your followers, hold a question and answer session about a topic or property, and share industry knowledge with your fans. Remember that for Instagram Stories you will only have an hour and your videos will not save to the app, make sure you’re not spending too much time on these videos but instead use this tool to make your network feel appreciated and included as well as a way to save yourself valuable time. Be sure to give all your followers advance notice that you will be going live by sharing a photo or a story beforehand. In live video you will have the option to mention specific users and link back to their account on screen, using this feature tie in any other industry experts you may work with or if your office is active on Social Media, tag them as well.


See More Links:

Currently only available to verified accounts, “See More” links at the bottom of stories will allow viewers to click on to more information regarding the video they are watching. While this feature is still in its test mode and being used to promote music, movies, and more, once released to the general public it will be an invaluable resource to Real Estate Professionals.

How to use it for Real Estate:

You may already be using Instagram Stories to share photo and video of your listings, but with the “See More” links you will be able to link to the listing itself in the bottom of your post. You can also share any blog posts, instructional videos, your website, home evaluation and more. Think of Stories as a way to create mini commercials for yourself and get creative with them! The example below could show an agent explaining benefits of Home Inspection while the “See More” link redirects to a blog post on the same topic.



How are you using Instagram Stories to promote your Real Estate business?