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The New Facebook Page Templates and How to Manage Tabs

You may have noticed when looking at your Facebook Business Page that some of your Pages elements have moved around a bit, Facebook recently began to roll out their new “Template” options. If you have already had a Facebook Business Page set up, your Page will default to the “Standard” Template option.

After selecting your Template you do have the ability to move elements of the Page around using the “Manage Tabs” option. In this Blog post we will review the new Template options, how to change your Pages Template, and how to manage the Pages tabs.


Changing Your Page Template

Step One)

Head to your Facebook Business Page, locate and click on “Manage Tabs” from the list under your Profile Image.


Step Two)

Upon clicking Manage Tabs you will be brought to an “Edit Page” area. The first section under Edit Page is Templates. Locate and click on “Edit” (outlined in red) to explore options and change the Page Template.


Step Three)

In the pop up window, there are seven Template options:

  • Standard
  • Business
  • Professional Services
  • Shopping
  • Venues
  • Politicians
  • Restaurants and Cafes

For Real Estate, we would suggest “Standard”, “Business”, or “Professional Services”.


Click “View Details” on each type to bring up a window outlining the layout, buttons, and tabs of the Page.

In the window, click “Back” to continue exploring or “Apply Template” to select that Template.


Be sure to click “OK” in the pop up window to apply the new Template


Step Four)

Once you have changed your Template, go back to your Page by clicking “Page” at the top


Explore the new Template and see if there are any sections you would like to move around (ie: if you have chosen Business your Posts will be the first sections on the Page, however if you post a lot of listings you may want to set Photos as the first section of the Page.)  


Managing Your Tabs


Step One)

Click on “Manage Tabs” from the list under your Profile Image.


Step Two)

If you are satisfied with the way your tabs (sections) appear on the Page, leave the “Use default tabs” option ON.

If you would like to rearrange the tabs, turn the option OFF.


Step Three)

Once you have turned the default tabs off, scroll down to view all of your tabs. Place the tabs in the order you would like them to appear on the Page by clicking and dragging each tab using the cursor.


Step Four)

If the movement of the Tab was successful a pop up window will appear.