facebook milestone

Creating a Facebook Milestone

Every business has milestone dates that deserve a bit of recognition. With Facebook, users can create and share these special dates using “milestones”. In this post we will go through the steps of creating a Facebook “milestone”.

Here are some ideas for how to use milestones:

  • Commemorate a work anniversary such as a new office location opening
  • Celebrate your Sales, use Facebook to remember what days you’ve closed on homes with clients and send out a Happy Home-iversary card at 1 or 5 years
  • Mark personal work accomplishments like a new certification or license


Step 1)

Log into Facebook and head over to your Business Page, once at your Business Page locate the ellipses “…” button below the Cover Image and next to “Share”.

Step 2)

A dropdown menu will appear, choose “Create Milestone” from the list.

Step 3)

A window will appear, enter all relevant information, on the left you can attach a photo either from your Facebook account (choose from photos) or from your device (upload photos…).

When you are finished click “Save”