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Publishing Job Posts on Facebook

Typically when you think of a Job Posting site, Facebook is not the first place that comes to mind, however they hope to be- and it makes sense. Facebook is already the social media giant, with 1.23 billion daily active users on average so why not try to cultivate some job applications there?

With this new feature you can. Pages will now have the ability to post Job Listings and receive applications from potential candidates. Applications will be sent by Facebook via Messenger, and will come pre-populated with the applying user’s Facebook information, however they can alter and update it as needed.

In a competitive and slightly unexpected move, these posts are free for employers to publish and there is no limit to how many posts a Page can have. This feature will be part of your “Write Something” box, and will slowly roll out to the U.S. and Canada so if you don’t see the feature just yet don’t panic.


How to Get Started

Step One: Head over to your Facebook Business Page and locate the “Write Something” box. Look to the bottom and click “See All”.

Step Two: Clicking “See All” should reveal more options, locate and click on “Publish a Job Post”

Step Three: In the pop up window you will be able to include all necessary information for your Job Post as well as a Live Preview.

Be sure to fill out all information and make your post eye catching. The image will default to your Cover Photo however you may want to pick something that will stand out more to someone searching for a job.

Step Four: When you have finished click “Publish Job Post”. A window will appear letting you know your post has been approved and that it will appear on Facebook.

Step Five: Your Job post will appear on your Pages Timeline.

Introducing Facebook Messenger Day

Ever since Snapchat launched in 2011 the disappearing content model has become increasingly more popular, and more common. Facebook owned Instagram launched their version “Stories” in August 2016 and today Facebook “Messenger Day” rolled out globally in the Messenger App. (Facebook has since re-branded “Messenger Day as “Stories”)

For mobile users with the Facebook Messenger App, Messenger Day will allow you to send photo updates customizable with filters, frames, stickers, and text to your individual friends, groups, or all of your friends at once. Much like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, these posts will remain up for 24 hours before disappearing.

There are a few key differences to the Facebook Messenger Day feature, users who view your “Day” can react with prepopulated responses or a custom text response and you as the user posting the “Day” can actually use an image from your camera roll instead of just one you have taken on the spot.

For Real Estate this could mean reaching more people than just your Snapchat or Instagram network with this type of popular visual content. Maybe you already use Facebook but have been hesitant to adopt Snapchat or Instagram- now that same model is available to you without getting a whole new platform.

Ideas for Use in Real Estate:

  • Share Photos and Videos from Live Events– show your followers how well the Open House went over, or let them know when the next one is coming up.
  • Give Virtual Tours of Listings– rather than share your virtual walk through on your Page, if you would like only certain people to access your video you can post it to your “Day” and select who you share it with. You can always save the video you take to your Camera Roll to later put on your Page wall.
  • Give Helpful Advice and Updates- show your network that you are an important Real Estate resource by offering tips and tricks. You can also give users a heads up about any live videos or live events you may be hosting.
  • Show Potential New Agents Behind the Scenes Action- If you are a Brokerage looking to hire new Agents you can use Facebook Messenger Day to show them what they could expect as an Agent in your Office.


Getting Started


Step One)

If you do not already have the Facebook Messenger App installed on your Phone or Tablet, be sure to do so. You will not be able to add to your Messenger Day without the App.

If you already have the App, make sure you have downloaded the latest version or made any necessary updates.

Step Two)

Open the Facebook Messenger App, in the bottom center of your screen you should see a circle button with a sun icon. Click this button to launch the camera for “Day”.

Step Three)

With the camera launched you should see the filters and frames available to you on the bottom of the screen. These are selected before you take your photo or video.

Step Four)

Take your picture or video, and add stickers (the smiley face icon), or text (the “Aa” icon), or draw on your post by clicking the squiggly line icon.

Step Five)

Tap the arrow in the bottom right side of the screen to choose who will see your “Day”.

Step Six)

At the top of the list you should see “My Day” this will appear to all of your friends on Messenger.

Under that you should see “Camera Roll”, if you plan on using this photo or video at all after the next 24 hours, you should save it to your Camera Roll. Remember your “Day” will disappear after 24 hours and your photo or video will no longer be accessible.

Under Camera Roll you should see your friends who are on Messenger. You can select friends from this list if you would prefer only they get to view your “Day”.

Step Seven)

When you are sure you have selected the right audience for your “Day” hit “Send”.

New Features Added to Facebook Video

Video on Facebook has become more popular than ever and its popularity just keeps getting amplified. The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm is already geared to favor videos heavily. Given the success Facebook has seen with video, they’ve decided to make some changes to the features.

We have long been in favor of using video in your Real Estate Marketing, but as Facebook brings on more and more improvements, it is imperative to adopt video into your Marketing Strategy.

Auto-playing Sound

You may have noticed when scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed that while videos will auto-play as you pass them, the sound remains off. After some positive testing, Facebook decided to pull the trigger on auto-playing sound as well. If your devices sound is already turned off, there’s no need to worry. Videos will not start to play sound automatically when a devices sound is turned off, however Facebook was sure to include the option to turn off auto-playing sounds just in case you’re still hesitant.

What does this mean for Real Estate: When you share a video to your fans, the sound will automatically play and you can draw them in this way. Be sure to start your videos off confidently and try to entice them in the first sentence to keep listening and watching. Think of the beginning of your videos as an introductory paragraph to an essay- the more interesting the first lines, the more likely your viewer is to finish consuming your content.


Vertical Video and Uninterrupted Viewing:

We know that more and more Users are surfing Facebook via their Mobile Devices, and so Facebook loves Mobile optimization. Vertical videos have now been optimized for Mobile devices, giving viewers a larger preview as well as full screen vertical viewing.

But for Users who are in the mood to multitask, not only are viewers able to keep watching a video in the bottom of the app screen as they scroll through Facebook, they can now continue watching that video outside of the app all together. So far only Android devices can watch outside of the app, but fingers crossed this changes soon!

What does this mean for Real Estate: This means more video views and more videos completed. Now that viewers can even continue outside of the app and as they scroll through their Timelines you will have more time to get your statement across. Full screen Mobile viewing means that any vertical videos you share are now bigger and easier for Users to view. Any details that may have been neglected due to small size are now on full view- this could be extremely useful if you use text overlay in your videos.


Facebook Video for TV app:

Facebook announced a Facebook video app that can be used first on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV with more options to come in the future. This app will make it possible for Facebook Users to watch videos they’ve saved for later, videos their friends or Pages they follow have shared, live video, and the global top videos. Since the app has not yet rolled out we don’t know what the interface will look like, but we’re excited none the less.

What does this mean for Real Estate: Expanding on the idea that bigger is better, Users will now be able to watch any videos you post to your Page on their compatible TV’s. Big screens mean a better view of details in the video and more viewing options will mean higher view rates across the board. Having the option to sit and watch Facebook videos on your TV could mean more completed views and more Users getting sucked into a video watching loop. Publish content regularly, not just your Listings but also Real Estate tips and advice- give your viewers content to consume and as long as your Page has an active audience they will consume it.


Read more about video changes in the Facebook Newsroom- Click Here

Why Should Your Social Be Mobile Friendly?

Facebook reported over One Billion Mobile Daily Active Users for December 2016 and this number is only expected to rise. Thus far, there has been a 21% increase year over year in Mobile users. This means that there is a significant portion of your Facebook audience that exclusively accesses Facebook via their Mobile devices, in fact over 55% of Facebook users ONLY log in via Mobile. First impressions are important and you want your Facebook Business Page to appear professional, neat, and optimized for all users- not just your Desktop followers.

If you have ever used Facebook on your Mobile device you may have noticed that Business Pages and Profiles display a little differently on your phone than they do on your computer. For starters, late last year Facebook added Call to Action buttons to the top of Business Pages. These include the options of Sign Up, Call Now, Send Message, Send Email, Book Now, Watch Video, and many more. With a professional looking Facebook Business Page you should certainly take advantage of this feature, especially if you’re trying to focus on those Mobile Users.


In the Mobile display, the Call to Action button is large and displayed front and center on your Business Page. Users already on their phones can easily place calls or move on to your website to schedule an appointment via this button. Time spent consuming digital material on Mobile is now significantly more than time spent on Desktop in the United States. 42% of the total hours of average digital media consumption are spent on Desktop while 51% is spent on Mobile screens. Open your business up to these hours of use by optimizing for Mobile.ctadisplaymobile-copy

In addition to missing out on a prime location for your Call to Action button, if your Page has not been optimized for Mobile the graphics on your Business Page may be cut off or cropped wrong on Mobile devices even though they look perfect on your computer. Please see the below examples:



(Mobile without Optimization)


(Mobile with Optimization)


This difference in display is due to the change in dimensions for Facebook Cover Photos, on Desktop the optimal size is 828×315, however on Mobile the optimal size is 828×462 with the area visible on Desktop centered. Professional photos and graphics are really the way to go when it comes to your Facebook Business Page. Save yourself the frustration of trying to figure out the exact placement and design of your Cover Photo, and get that professional look right away.

Five new Facebook profiles are created every second, you want not only to access all of these users, but to also stand out from the crowd. If you are creating the Cover Photo yourself, you will want to keep your design simple with minimal text, bearing in mind that any contact information can be added to and displayed on your Facebook Page. You don’t want to weigh down your Cover Photo with too much information, be sure to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

The most recent round of aesthetic changes to Facebook Pages can even affect your Profile Photo. Minimum dimensions of a Profile Photo are 180×180, however the optimal display will be 360×360 using a .PNG file rather than a .JPEG. This difference can result in your logo appearing cropped short, too small, or not loading at all.


Every day 90% of Facebook’s Active Users access Facebook through Mobile, and over 55% of users ONLY ever access Facebook via the Mobile app. If your Business Page is not fully optimized for Mobile and Desktop users, you could be missing out on a significant portion of Facebook’s Daily Active Users, and most importantly you could be missing out on a lead.


Bonus Optimization Tips:

You’ll want to include your Phone Number and Address on your Business Page, not only will this help you appear in search results on Facebook, but adding the address helps Google pay more attention to and index your Page in local search results.

Do not leave your “About” section blank, you have the option to include a short and long description of your services. Make sure to complete both.

Use consistent branding, stick to the same logo, similar visuals and language on all of your sites and platforms to avoid any consumer confusion. For example, you don’t want to be using an outdated logo as your Profile Photo just in case someone searches you, sees the old logo, and thinks that Page is for a different company than the one their looking for all because of outdated information.

Your Facebook Business Page “About” Section Just Got a New Look


You may have noticed when checking your Facebook Business Page that the “About” section where Page Admin can update and add information pertinent to the Page has changed. While all your information is still available and on display, it is laid out a little differently.

For non-Admin viewers of the “About” section, a map and directions (if available) will be at the top of the Page with contact information, the website, and business information listed below. Facebook Page Milestones will be on display on the right side of the screen rather than just being on the Page’s timeline.


For Admins, the “About” section may look a bit cluttered at first glance, but it is a little easier to navigate with the new layout. Rather than the different aspects of the “About” section listed on the side as clickable tabs (General, Story, Contact), all aspects are listed on one page. Where Admin’s in the past had to hover over an item to reveal the “Edit” option, there is now a static “Edit” next to each item.

Page Username, Page Name, and all Company information and Contact information will still be displayed and edited in the “About” section.


Facebook Notes and How to Use Them

Have you ever noticed the Notes section while scrolling through a Business Page or a friends Personal Account on Facebook? When Notes first launched they were a way to share simple text updates in long form with your friends and network, just this year Facebook has released some improvements. Users can now add a cover image to the individual note, include hyperlinks, tag People, Pages, and Groups, and a whole lot more. Think of Facebook Notes as a Facebook based blog.

I would not suggest everyone using Facebook as their only blog, but if you are most active on Facebook and have a large following it could be even more beneficial than having your own Page on a blogging site. Remember though, when people read your “blog” posts as Facebook notes, it is Facebook getting the website hit rather than your own site.

When published, a Note will appear in your follower’s timelines and they can be shared and commented on just like a regular Post. Use Notes to write a quick summary of a recently posted Blog entry, announce congratulations for clients with new homes, share in-depth details of your new listing, answer your most frequently asked questions- get creative and take advantage of Facebook Notes!

*Please note that if you do not yet have the new “Write Something” box, you may be temporarily unable to access Notes*

Step One                                                                                                  

Head over to www.Facebook.com and log into your Account. Go to your Business Page.

Locate the “Write a note” icon in the new “Write Something” box.



Step Two

Click the “Write a note” icon and an editing window will appear. At the top of the window add your Cover Photo (dimensions: 1200 x 445px).

Add a Title to your note and then add your body text at “Write something”.


Step Three

Clicking into “Write something” will bring up more options for formatting your note.


The + button on the left will reveal the options to include a photo or embedded link, the button to the right will reveal multiple formatting options including; Header1, Header2, bullet or numbered lists, quotes and links.


To format your text with italics and more, first type out your sentence, then highlight the word you wish to format and select your option from the pop up window that appears.


Step Four

Once you have finished scroll to the bottom and click “Publish”. If you would like to finish your note later simply click “Save”, and if you are unsatisfied and would like to start again, simply click “Delete”.




The New “Write Something” Box

If you’ve logged into your Facebook Business Page this week you may notice something a little different. The “Write Something” box has changed. While you can still see the basic “Write Something” dialogue box by clicking “Write Something” there are now vibrant icons with a plethora of options perched below.       

Click “See All” at the bottom of the box to reveal the full range of “Write Something” box options as pictured below:

For a Real Estate Professional any of these new icon options can certainly be a valuable resource. Even if you aren’t comfortable expanding your Facebook Budget and taking out Facebook Ads just yet, those call to action buttons can be extremely effective, especially when shared to your Personal Account.

If you’ve never heard of some of these options, there is no need to panic. We break down the icons and what they mean below:

                ICON  DESCRIPTION
Start a Live Video


Clicking here will allow you to start a Live Video on Facebook. Live Videos are now also available on desktop rather than just mobile.
Publish a Job Post



You can now share Job Listings on Facebook. Clicking here will bring up a window to enter all applicable information about the position you are hiring.
Advertise Your Business



Clicking here will bring up a simple Facebook Ads creator. Here you can input your design choices, set your audience and your budget, and publish your Facebook Ad. Remember that Facebook Ads are not free.
Get Phone Calls


Create a post that will include a “Call Now” button which will allow users to send your Page a Message. This can be boosted as a Facebook Ad or posted to your Timeline.
Get Messages


Create a post that will include a “Message” call to action button that will allow users to send your Page a Message. This can be boosted as a Facebook Ad or posted to your Timeline.
Help People Find Your Business



Create a post that will include a “Get Directions” button, can be boosted as a Facebook Ad or posted to your Timeline. If you do not already provide directions to your street location on your Page you will be required to input directions.
Create an Event


The same great Events creator, with a great new look. Clicking here will bring up a simple Facebook Events creator. Here you can input your Event information and share with your network.
Create an Offer


Clicking here will bring up a Facebook Offer creator. Here you can input your design choices, set your discount and offer details, and publish your Offer. This is a new feature offered by Facebook that will allow you to share discounts with your audience.
Write a Note


Will bring your to a Note creator. Notes are long form published content that can be shared to your Page. Think of notes as closer to a blog entry than a regular post, however do not replace your Blog entirely with Facebook notes. You still want those Blog-based website hits for yourself rather than your Page.

Creating a Facebook Canvas for Your Listing

Facebook’s Mobile Daily Active User base continues to grow each year with the most recent numbers being reported at 1.09 billion per day on average for September 2016. With such a large segment of Facebook using the site solely on their phones, it could be extremely beneficial to offer a post that is specifically geared for Mobile Users.

Last February Facebook introduced Canvas a full screen experience that can be created on a desktop but is only view-able by mobile users. Canvases can include photo carousels, call to action buttons, photo, embedded video, and text. A Canvas can be used as a Facebook Ad or just as a Facebook Post. Due to the immersive style of the Canvas and the heavy visual component, it is a great way to bring your listings to life for your mobile network.

Tips Before Getting Started:

  • Gather all display information you will need for the listing
  • Gather all images and/or videos together- homes, logos, etc
  • Make sure all images and videos are clear and crisp


Step One:

Log into www.facebook.com and head to your Facebook Business Page. Once at the Page look to the dialogue box, locate and click the Photo/Video icon.


Step Two:

Upon clicking a menu will appear, locate and click on Create a Canvas


The option will appear to select a canvas, click on the + to the right hand side


Step Three:

Upon clicking a page will appear with the option to Get started with Start with a tour, Open a blank canvas, or Download a layout or to Get Help with Tips and Best Practices and Examples.

Feel free to explore here as much as you like, check examples for inspiration, see if there is a layout you already like. Today we will be starting with a blank canvas so when you are done exploring, locate and click on Open blank canvas.


A window will appear with the different content blocking options, Button, Carousel, Photo, Text Block, Video, and Header. Select the one you wish to start with and click ok, we will begin with a Header.


Step Four:

Once you have clicked on Header a design window will appear. Select the color theme you would prefer and then upload the photo you would like to use as your header image. As you are adding to your Canvas, look to the right to see a preview.


Step Five:

Add your next content block by clicking 7 in the top left of the design window, we are going to add a Text Block.

Step Six:

Once you have selected the Text Block option, a dialogue window will appear. Enter all relevant introductory information you wish to share (we will put photos below) in this box.


Step Seven:

Now that your text and logo have been added, if you have a video to include you may put it below.  Click 9in the top left of the design window and then select Video, if you do not have a video to include skip ahead to the next step. Once you have clicked on Video an upload window will appear, please note that you cannot use a video link you must have the video saved to your computer to include it in the Canvas. You can choose whether to fit the video by width or height, this is an aesthetic decision but I typically prefer the fit to width option. Once successfully uploaded, the video will appear in the preview window to the right.


Step Eight:

Even if there is no video you definitely want to be sure that you are sharing quality, clear images of your Listings. Home seekers are more likely to view a home after they see it online first, this ensures both you and the potential client that they are in fact interested in the property at least aesthetically. The more information you provide, the better chances you will have of targeting just the right person.

Again to add another component locate and click on 11 in the top left of the design window and then select Carousel, if you have more than one image to display you can place them here in a photo carousel which users can swipe through rather than scroll down.

Choose the layout of your images, again I will be using fit to width, this option will allow you to make each of the uploaded images a link rather than just an image.


Notice the numbers at the top left of the upload box, if you would like to include more than 2 images simply click the + to add more.


Locate and click on the Upload Image button to add photos to your carousel. Be sure to include a link with each picture. You can use the online listing, your website, landing page, a virtual business card, or the site that works best for you.


Step Nine:

For our final component we are going to add a Call to Action button to the Canvas. To begin, locate and click 15 in the top left of the design window and then select Button. Once the Button window has appeared you may edit the text in the dialogue box. Below the dialogue box be sure to add the link you believe would be most beneficial. You can change the design of the button using the option below the link box.


Step Ten:

Once you have completed your Canvas, locate and click Save in the top right portion of the screen


As soon as your Canvas has saved, click on Finish


*PLEASE NOTE* Once you have finished a Canvas you cannot change it, review your Canvas now to be sure it is exactly as you wish it to appear. Add more components if you feel they would be beneficial to your Canvas. If there is a component you would like to remove locate and click the three dots and select delete.  19 If you would like to move the component up or down, use the arrow keys to the left.

Once you are sure your Canvas is perfect, click finish


Step Eleven: 

Your Canvas may not initially appear with a cover image, be sure to click Upload Image and add a cover photo. You may include any text you see fit to go along with you Canvas post. When you are done click Publish


Make sure to check Facebook from your Mobile Device to be sure that the Canvas is exactly as you imagined, remember Canvas is only for mobile and will not be view-able from a desktop or laptop.


Getting Spooky with Facebook and Fang-tastic Halloween Real Estate Marketing Ideas!

Halloween greetings Real Estate Professionals! To help us get in the spooky mood, Facebook is rolling out some festive treats for their users. Adding new themed reactions for a limited time as well as Snapchat-esque masks to their Live Video, Facebook has got us thinking about the benefits of businesses celebrating Halloween and even coordinating specific holiday marketing.


A good marketing campaign has a stickiness factor, meaning that the ad stays with the viewer even after they have finished viewing it. Holiday ads have that extra bite, a clever advertisement can bring a smile to the consumer’s face, locking your name in their memory and keeping it there so that when they think: “I need a Realtor” they think of you. Holidays give you the Real Estate Professional countless ways to reach out to and connect with your audience, make sure you are taking advantage of this major benefit!

It isn’t too late to spread a little spook to your network for Halloween, especially with the help of Facebook.


Here are a few last minute Halloween Marketing Ideas:

1) Facebook Live Video with Halloween Masks

Give your fans a shout out via Facebook Live Video, but give it a Halloween Spin with the new Facebook Masks. Don’t worry if you don’t see masks on your FB Live Video just yet, masks will be rolling out over the next few days for people using Facebook Live on iOS in the United States, with the Android option coming later.

While it may be silly to give Real Estate advice in a virtual Halloween mask, you can offer a simple holiday hello, or make a special announcement. Host a pumpkin carving contest and ask followers to send you their masterpieces for the chance to win a prize, host a giveaway, offer a deal like a free home evaluation. Get creative and have fun!



To record a Live Video using Facebook’s new masks:


2) Treat Bags for Parents Only

How often do you get a line of leads walking up to your doorstep with arms outstretched for treats? Just once a year on Halloween! The focus may be on the children, but that doesn’t mean parents are unreachable. Give out candy to the kids (people always remember the house with the full sized bars) but make special treat bags for the parents as well. Fill your bags up with a few treats as well as your business card and a spooky print out with your contact information. You can include an invite to an open house, inquiry event, or even a coupon for home related services. Hand out your parent gifts while you hand out Halloween candy, or leave a special tray out labeled “For Parents Only!” Save yourself time and money by designing your own print out using Canva and printing it at home.




3) Haunted Open House

Host a haunted house in a vacant home you’re listing in an area with lots of neighbors. Give trick or treaters and their parents a reason to tour the property with simple scares and the promise of candy at the end. Get some friends together with costumes to jump out of the ample closet space, hang spider webs from those soaring high ceilings. After the spooky walk through hand out a flier with information on the house, photos of it un-haunted, contact information, and an invite to a real Open House event. Make sure you display your creepy-creation as a “Haunted Open House” so attendees realize you are a Real Estate Professional and you aren’t confused for the new neighbors.



Holiday marketing can be tons of fun and thanks to the popularity of Social Media combined with the ease of new technology, you don’t even need to leave your home to create and execute a successful Halloween marketing campaign. Take these spooky ideas and scare yourself up some leads this Halloween Season, and don’t forget: Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner!