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Assigning and Removing Page Roles

Sometimes in a busy office, the job of posting listings to social media can be passed around from person to person. Perhaps you want all of your team to have access to the Page just in case, or maybe you’ve got to remove someone who was an Admin to the Page but no longer needs the designation- you can take care of all of this right from your computer. Too often we at Solved see businesses create new a Page without realizing the edits they desired could have been performed on their original Pages without losing the whole audience they’ve worked so hard to build. We’re here to help!

*Please note that to add and remove Admin’s to the Page you will yourself need to be an Admin (not an Editor or any other type of Page Role)

Page Role Types and What They Can Do:

Step 1) Head over to your Facebook Business Page. Locate and click on “Settings” in the top right portion of the Page.

Step 2) Locate and click on “Page Roles” on the left hand side of the screen.

You can jump to different sections of the Page Roles area by clicking the links at the top of the screen. If you would like to remove a user from your Page Roles, click “Existing Page Roles”. First we will cover assigning a new Page Role. For guidance on removal, see steps 7 and on.

Step 3) To Assign a Page Role, locate “Assign a new Page role” and click into the dialogue box.

Step 4) In the dialogue box, begin to type the Facebook Name of the person you would like to assign a Page Role.

Prior to doing so they may need to establish some sort of connection with you or the Page. You can do this by having them “Like” the Page, or by adding them as a Facebook friend.

You can also attempt to use their associated Facebook account email, however this method is not always reliable.

You should see their thumbnail pop up as you type the Facebook Name, when you do, click the person you are assigning a Page Role.

Step 5) When you have selected the appropriate user, locate the dropdown menu. It auto-poopulates with “Editor”. Click the dropdown menu and select the role type you desire.

Step 6) After selecting a Page Role, click “Add”.

Step 7) Alternatively, to remove someone who has a role on your Page. Look to the “Sections” area at the top of the screen. Find “Existing Page roles” and click “Jump to Section”.

Step 8) In the Existing Page roles area, locate the user you would like to edit or remove, and click “Edit” next to their name.

Step 9) In the “Edit” window, click the dropdown Page Role menu to change the users role and abilities. To remove the user from the Page entirely click “Remove”.

Step 10) If you are removing a user you will need to confirm. Admin. When you have finished, be sure to click “Save”.

A New Look For Facebook Business Pages

Facebook recently rolled out a new look for Business Pages.

What’s different:

The Banner is now free of any buttons that used to take away from the aesthetic, and the Profile Image is off to the left hand side freeing up even more Cover Photo space.

In Addition, the Page Navigator that used to be somewhat hidden in the mass of buttons along the Cover Photo now has a Prime location on the left side of the Page directly under the Profile Image.

Users might be lost when looking for iFrame tabs, but there’s no need to worry- they’ve just moved to the right side of the Page.


1 copy

What Should You Update:

  • Make sure your Cover Photo hasn’t been affected and is still full visible. If your Cover Photo creatively relied on the location of buttons and the Profile Image, you may need to adjust.


  • Check that your Call to Action is accurate, if you have yet to fill out your CTA be sure to do so as the feature is now much more prominently displayed


  • As tabs are now more visible on the Page, make sure that all of yours are filled out and up to date, put tabs you would prefer people visit higher up on the list. Adjust this by clicking “manage tabs” when looking at the list of tabs.
  • The “Promote” button has moved to the bottom of the tabs list


Checking Social Media Messages and Notifications


Part of being successful on Social Media is keeping in touch with your fans and contacts. You should check your Page Notifications and Messages at least once a week to ensure you don’t miss communication with anyone. Staying up to date on your Notifications and Messages are simple, but integral actions that can make or break a Page.


On Facebook

*In order to check your Pages Messages and Notifications you will need Admin Access to the Page*

Step One:

Go to and log into your account

Once you are logged in Head over to your Business Page

Step Two:

Notice the Admin Panel at the top of your Business Page, if you have new Messages or Notifications a red box with the number of Messages or Notifications will appear in the corresponding tab


If you wish to check your Messages, simply click Messages to be brought to the inbox

If you wish to check your Notifications, click on Notifications to be brought to a new window

From this window you can check all of your Notifications at once, or separate them by category using the box on the left side of the page (highlighted in red)



On Twitter

Go to and log into your Account

At the top left side of the screen locate and click on Notifications to view interactions with your Account

Locate and click on Messages to be brought to an inbox


Facebook Business Page Categories

When creating a Facebook Page, you will have to choose a category, depending on the different types there are varying features available. We suggest that Real Estate professionals list themselves as a “Local Business” to get access to all features including Ratings & Reviews.


See the image below to compare features and Page Categories:



In order to be listed as a Local Business you will need to enter a street address, you can change this later to “no street address” in your Admin Panel, but you will need to keep a town and zip code on your page. Once listed as a Local Business you will need to choose your subcategory.

The subcategory will be displayed next to your Profile Image on your Business Page so be sure to choose the one that most directly applies to you and your services. You cannot input your own category and you cannot remove the display from your Business Page.


There is a long list of Facebook Subcategories, some of which get changed and updated with relative frequency. Currently for Real Estate Professionals under the Local Business > Property category one can choose:

Estate Agent, Estate Agents, Commercial Property, Property Management, Property Law, Property Appraisal, Property Investment and many more.

A Business Page can display up to three subcategories at one time.


To change your category head to the Admin Panel, locate and click on “About” in the Navigation Bar near your Profile Image:


You will be brought to an “Overview” tab

Locate and click on “Page Info


Underneath your Name, locate and hover on the “Subcategories” Bar, click on “edit” to add or remove subcategories.


Check to see your new categories on your Business Page, next to your Profile Image.


How to Merge Facebook Pages

If you have accidentally created more than one Facebook Business Page, you can easily merge the two. Merging pages saves time by adding any fans who haven’t already liked one page, to the other, as well as combining information to make a fuller profile.


Choose the page you would rather keep, we suggest the one (if either) that has more reviews, the most likes, check-in’s, and ratings. You will lose these items on the page you choose not to keep. If the pages do not have the same name, they may not be eligible to merge.

Step One:

Go to and head over to your Business Page.

Locate and click “Settings” in the top right corner of the page.


Step Two:

You will be brought to an Admin Panel, scroll to the bottom to locate “Merge Pages”

Click on ”Edit” to proceed


Step Three:

The window will extend displaying the option to “Merge duplicate Pages”

Click “Merge duplicate Pages”


Step Four:

A window will appear asking you to verify your Password before you proceed, enter your password and click “continue”.


Step Five:

You will be brought to a page with two dropdown menus. *You must be an admin to both pages to merge them.*

In the first dropdown menu, select the page you wish to keep

In the second drop down menu, select the page you want merged.

Click “Merge Pages


**Please Note** If you are successful, the above steps will complete the merging process. The merge will not be immediate and will take hours to a few days to finish. If you are unsuccessful in merging the pages a window will notify you, click contact support to figure out if your pages are not eligible to be merged.

How to Change Account Display Names On 3 Platforms

Be it a marriage, a new brokerage name, or an aesthetic change, it is important to note that know how to change an Account Display name on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There is no need to delete an account and start fresh when simple aesthetic adjustments can save you the time and effort as well as keep your current fans intact. Here I will go through the steps to change a display name on all three platforms.


Changing A Facebook Display Name:

Step One:

Go to and head over to your Business Page.

When you are on your Business Page, make sure that you have Admin Access to your Page, without Admin Access you cannot change the Page Name.

Locate and click “About” below your Profile Image.


Step Two:

Upon clicking “About” a “Page Info” screen will appear. Locate “Name”, click on “Edit” to the right.


Step Three:

A “Request new Page name” window will appear. Please note that your page name must accurately represent your Business or Brand, and cannot include any variation of the work Facebook or Official.

Locate the dialogue box for “New Page name” and enter the desired name

Once finished, click “Continue” at the bottom of the window


Step Four:

A confirm window will appear displaying your old Page name with the new requested Page name

Locate and click “Request Change” to send your request through. If you do not click “Request Change” your request will not be processed.

Please note as highlighted in the window that the change may take up to three days to complete, Facebook will reach out to you if additional information is needed, so be on the lookout for any emails or notifications.


Step Five:

If your request has gone through, a window will appear informing your that your request is under review and you will hear back from Facebook within three days.


Changing A Pinterest Display Name:

Step One:

Go to and log into your account

Once logged in you will be brought to the homepage.

Locate and click on the round icon of your profile image at the top right side of the screen. (circled in red)

A dropdown menu will appear, locate and click on “My Profile


Step Two:

You will be brought to your Pinterest profile. Locate and click on the gear icon in the top left side of the screen.


Step Three:

Upon clicking the gear icon an editors window will pop up. The first section is “Business Account Basics”, keep scrolling until you reach “Profile”.

The first dialogue box under “Profile” is “Business Name“, enter your desired Business Name here.

Please note that you can also make adjustments to your URL, your profile image, bio, website and location from this window.

Click “Save” before leaving the editors window or your changes will not be saved. If you do not see them immediately, refresh your page.



Changing A Twitter Display Name:

Step One:

Go to and log into your account

Once logged in you will be brought to the homepage.

Locate and click on the icon of your profile image at the top right side of the screen.

A dropdown menu will appear, locate and click on “View Profile”.


Step Two:

You will be brought to your Twitter profile. Locate and click on “Edit Profile” in the top right side of the screen parallel to the profile image. (Highlighted in yellow)


Step Three:

Upon clicking “Edit profile” an edit screen will appear. The top dialogue box is your Display Name highlight and remove your current name, and enter your desired new display name.

Please note that you can also make adjustments to your profile image, theme color, bio, website and location from this edit screen.

Click “Save Changes” before leaving the edit screen or your changes will not be saved. If you do not see them immediately, refresh your page.


New Face-lift for Business Pages

Yes everyone it is true. A new look  will be rolling out for Facebook business pages and while a select few have already received the new “Face” lift (come on you laughed a little) we are still waiting for the majority of people to switch over.

First off I would like to say that I was planning on this month’s blog being “How to Navigate Your Admin Panel”. Seeing as how Facebook will be completely altering the current format of the Admin panel, I will be holding off on that How to Video for once they completely change over and I am a bit more comfortable with it.

Facebook’s New Look (Mark always keeping us on our toes):

This will change both the profile view, which is what the audience will see in addition to things on the back-end such as the admin panel of the page.

So with that being said let’s take a look at the new design:


As you can see, we have a different layout but perhaps the most noticeable thing about it is that there is no longer the dual column view that the older version had when it came to how posts were laid out (see below).



Traditionally (with the older design) when a business page posted content, the content would appear in chronological order left and right. So as you can see in the above graphic the March 30th post (the little sad Twitter bird) was posted to the left and the following day, the March 31st post was posted to the right slightly closer to the top of the page.


Now I’m sure there are some questions so here are the Top 4 Questions/Answers about the Update:


1. Since the content will appear on the RIGHT side of the page instead of the dual column (as seen above). What information with appear on the left-side of the column?

The left-side will show things such as- page likes, photos, reviews, videos and pertinent contact information. “Admins will also soon be able to rearrange the order in which these sections appear in the left-side column.”



2.  I noticed that my Apps are no longer underneath my Cover Photo. Where exactly will my Apps appear?

There are two locations in which Apps will appear- In the left-side column (see below) or in the Top navigation menu under the “More” button/tab. 




3. I don’t seem to be able to find my business page’s Inbox. Where can I view my messages?

There are two locations where a business page’s messages can be viewed.  In the “Activity” Tab or in the “This Week” box located to the top left and right side of the Cover Photo respectively (See below)




4.  When will my business page have access to the updated design? 

The design has rolled out to a small number of pages. Over the next several weeks, more and more pages will begin to see the updated design.


I hope this was helpful and please, if you have any other questions leave us a comment and we will be MORE than happy to answer it to the best of our ability.


Matt and The Solved Social Media Team