Question: How often do you post, what will you post to (in terms of Social Media) and what will be posted?

Answer: Solved Social Media posts 7 days a week to both your Facebook business page and Twitter account. The content for these postings is broken down into 3 categories- 1) Informational 2) Market 3) Entertaining. The goal is to provide a nice mix of varied content that will engage your audience and push your page out to more people.

Question: How can I make sure I get notifications from my business page?

Answer: First step is to log into your personal Facebook account and then access the settings from the “Cog/Gear” drop down menu  

Second you are going to be brought to your “General Account Settings” page. You are going to want to make sure that you switch your primary email to one that you check frequently.

Third you are going to see the Notifications Tab on the left side. Once you click that you will see one of the options in the center that says “Email” under the “How You Get Your Notifications” section. You can choose to receive “All notifications about you or activity you’ve missed.

Lastly there is a section directly below with the title “What you get notified about”. You are just going to want to make sure that “Page(s) you manage” is turned on.

Question: I trying to post as my business page but the information is not showing up. Why is this happening?

Answer: A common error we have come across is people postings “ON” their business page (as their personal account) as opposed to “AS” their business page. In order to remedy this just make sure that when viewing your business page that you see a thin blue bar across the top of the screen that says:

“You are posting, commenting, and liking as “The Name of Your Page”-Change to “Name of your personal account”.

Question: Facebook is saying that the link to my page “may be broken, or the page may have been removed.” Why is this so?

Answer: Most of the time this has to with your Facebook business page’s URL. So for example a page’s URL might be-  www.facebook.com/pages/Joe-Smith-Realtor/377488593294 -(not an active page) but some people forget to include these numbers which 99% of the time leads to the “may be broken…” error message.

Question: When I view my Twitter page, the wording on the left side of the Twitter account is cut off by the center interface. Why is this happening?

Answer: The reason the wording is being cut off is usually due to two things- 1) Browser settings & 2) screen/monitor size. Taking into account these two variables, we adjust our Twitter backgrounds to fit 93% of all screen sizes and Browser settings (as this is the highest percentage).

*Lower the zoom setting on your Internet Browser and you should now be able to see all of the wording on the background for your Twitter account.

Question: Does Solved Social Media post to other social media channels besides Facebook and Twitter?

Answer: As of right now we only handle Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts but we are currently evaluating other social media channels such as Linked, Google+ and Pinterest and hope to have some if not all of these above mentioned channels integrated into our service offerings.

Question: Do I get to choose what is being posted before it gets posted?

Answer: Our program is a “set it and forget” type of service and while their isn’t direct control over the postings that go out, we strongly encourage people to post in addition to our daily postings to portray your own unique market and sense of taste. 

Question: Why are the postings on my business page showing up on my personal page?

Answer: For you to have been given administrative access over your business page, the first step was to “like” your business page from your personal page. When a personal page likes a business page they are set to receive the information posted by that business page. The reason you are seeing that information is because it is being posted to your “Newsfeed” (the center portion of Facebook after you click the “Home” button that displays all the information that is being posted from your friends and the fan/business pages you like)

Question: When I am viewing my business page I am concerned that others will see the “Admin Panel” when they view my page. How do I hide this from people viewing my page?

Answer: The only reason you are seeing the “Admin Panel” is because you are logged into your personal Facebook page that is in fact an “administrator”. No one else will see the Admin Panel unless they themselves are administrators like you.

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