How to Go Live on Twitter

Live Video content has been exploding over the last few months. With new live features being added to nearly every Social Media Platform it was only a matter of time before we got an official Twitter Live Video option. Facebook has reported that video content has a 135% better reach than just photographic content, with that type of growth it’s no wonder Twitter is joining the rest.  If you aren’t already using live video to share Real Estate information, tips, and sales material specific to you, this is the year to start!

Released just this past December and powered by Periscope, Users can now easily go live directly from the Tweet composition window where viewers on Twitter and Periscope (your video will broadcast in both platforms) can comment and send hearts to show support.

Before Getting Started Keep In Mind:

  • You can only go live via the Twitter App, you cannot go live on Twitter via the website
  • You can include a hashtag in your video title
  • You should promote your live video prior to going live
  • Once concluded, your video will appear on your profile as a Tweet


Step One)

Open the Twitter app on your device. Locate and click on the Compose Tweet button


Step Two)

A Tweet composition window will appear locate and click one “Go Live”


If this is your first time using Twitter Live this window will appear, simply click “OK got it”


Step Four)

Enter your video title, you can use a hashtag to boost popularity. Once you have settled on a title click “Go LIVE”


If you need some inspiration for Live video subject ideas, check out our blog post on FB Live Video !

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