How to Create a Pinterest Showcase for Real Estate

Pinterest’s visual nature makes it an extremely compelling and popular social platform. For Real Estate Agents it can be a useful display tool for listings as well as a way to gain an understanding of client’s personal tastes and new home must-haves.

The Pinterest Showcase is a new feature on Business Pages, it is a cluster of images from Boards selected by the Account Owner, displayed at the top of the profile under the Profile Image and above the Boards. As a Real Estate Professional, this is a prime location for your personal listings. In this post we will outline how to create your Pinterest Showcase.

*Please note* the images displayed will be generated from Boards of your choosing. Before getting started make sure the images you would like to use in your Showcase are already uploaded to one or more of your Boards. You can use an image uploaded from your computer or an item you have repined. If you need to create a new board, find out how to do so here.

Step One)

Log into your account at, locate and click on the thumbnail image in the top right corner. Select and click on “My Profile” from the dropdown menu.


Step Two)

You should see the empty Showcase on your Profile. Locate and click on the red + in the center of the Showcase box.


Step Three)

You will be brought to a photo selection page with 5 drop down menus.


Click on the downward facing arrow to the right of the Slot of your choosing. A dropdown menu will appear with all of your Boards listed. Select up to five boards you would like displayed at the top of your Profile. If you are a US Merchant and have buyable pins set up on your account you can also choose these.


Step Four)

When you have selected all of the Boards you would like to display click “Save”.


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