How to Remove Other User’s Posts ON Your Business Page


Every once in a while someone may post a comment to your Business Page that does not belong there. Maybe this person thought they were commenting on your Personal Account and didn’t realize, maybe this person got hacked or was posting Spam- whatever the reason it’s good to know how to remove these posts.

In this blog post we will review how to remove other User’s posts ON your Page, if you are looking to remove a post made AS your Page, please see this guide.

Step One)

Log in at and head over to your Business Page. Look at the right hand side of the Page as you scroll down, past the “Apps” and “Upcoming Events” sections you should see a section called “Visitor Posts”.


 Step Two)

Click on “Visitor Posts” and a window will pop up displaying the posts to your Page. Locate the post you would like to remove, then click the downward facing arrow in the top right corner of the post.

Select “Delete from Page”.


Step Three)

Confirm that you would like to delete the post. If you feel this User may continue to post inappropriately you can ban them by selecting Delete and Ban.


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