How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Your accounts need to be regularly checked and posted to, however you may not have the time to log in every single day or even multiple times a day to find content, compose your tweets, and send them out. If you’ve been hesitant to sign up for a third party scheduling platform- you can now schedule tweets in advance directly through Twitter. Scheduled Tweets on Twitter can include photo, text, and links, however videos, the GIF library, polls, and location sharing are not available with scheduled Tweets.

Please note that although you will have to schedule tweets through, you are not creating an ad campaign simply by scheduling a tweet. In order to access the Twitter ads dashboard you may need to enter billing information, you will not be charged unless you create and start a Twitter ad campaign.


Step 1)

Make sure you are logged into your Twitter Account and head over to You will immediately be logged into the Ads Dashboard, or if updated billing or location information is required you will not be permitted to continue until the information is uploaded.


Step 2)

Once you have reached the Ads Dashboard, locate and click on Creatives


A dropdown menu will appear, click on Tweets


Step 3)

Upon clicking Tweets, you will be brought to a Tweets Dashboard, locate and click on New Tweet


Step 4)

A pop up window will appear with a dialogue box for your tweet. Here you can enter any text, links, and photos as you would a standard tweet. As previously mentioned; videos, the GIF library, polls, and location sharing are not available with scheduled Tweets.


Once you have finished typing out your tweet click on Scheduling


Step 5)

A window will appear, first click on Custom to ensure your tweet will be scheduled, then select the date and time you would like your tweet to be sent. When you have finished click on Tweet.


As long as there are no errors, a message banner will appear letting you know your Tweet has been scheduled


Step 6)

To view and edit your scheduled tweets click on Promoted-only Tweets


When the dropdown menu appear, click Scheduled Tweets



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