Creating a Facebook Canvas for Your Listing

Facebook’s Mobile Daily Active User base continues to grow each year with the most recent numbers being reported at 1.09 billion per day on average for September 2016. With such a large segment of Facebook using the site solely on their phones, it could be extremely beneficial to offer a post that is specifically geared for Mobile Users.

Last February Facebook introduced Canvas a full screen experience that can be created on a desktop but is only view-able by mobile users. Canvases can include photo carousels, call to action buttons, photo, embedded video, and text. A Canvas can be used as a Facebook Ad or just as a Facebook Post. Due to the immersive style of the Canvas and the heavy visual component, it is a great way to bring your listings to life for your mobile network.

Tips Before Getting Started:

  • Gather all display information you will need for the listing
  • Gather all images and/or videos together- homes, logos, etc
  • Make sure all images and videos are clear and crisp


Step One:

Log into and head to your Facebook Business Page. Once at the Page look to the dialogue box, locate and click the Photo/Video icon.


Step Two:

Upon clicking a menu will appear, locate and click on Create a Canvas


The option will appear to select a canvas, click on the + to the right hand side


Step Three:

Upon clicking a page will appear with the option to Get started with Start with a tour, Open a blank canvas, or Download a layout or to Get Help with Tips and Best Practices and Examples.

Feel free to explore here as much as you like, check examples for inspiration, see if there is a layout you already like. Today we will be starting with a blank canvas so when you are done exploring, locate and click on Open blank canvas.


A window will appear with the different content blocking options, Button, Carousel, Photo, Text Block, Video, and Header. Select the one you wish to start with and click ok, we will begin with a Header.


Step Four:

Once you have clicked on Header a design window will appear. Select the color theme you would prefer and then upload the photo you would like to use as your header image. As you are adding to your Canvas, look to the right to see a preview.


Step Five:

Add your next content block by clicking 7 in the top left of the design window, we are going to add a Text Block.

Step Six:

Once you have selected the Text Block option, a dialogue window will appear. Enter all relevant introductory information you wish to share (we will put photos below) in this box.


Step Seven:

Now that your text and logo have been added, if you have a video to include you may put it below.  Click 9in the top left of the design window and then select Video, if you do not have a video to include skip ahead to the next step. Once you have clicked on Video an upload window will appear, please note that you cannot use a video link you must have the video saved to your computer to include it in the Canvas. You can choose whether to fit the video by width or height, this is an aesthetic decision but I typically prefer the fit to width option. Once successfully uploaded, the video will appear in the preview window to the right.


Step Eight:

Even if there is no video you definitely want to be sure that you are sharing quality, clear images of your Listings. Home seekers are more likely to view a home after they see it online first, this ensures both you and the potential client that they are in fact interested in the property at least aesthetically. The more information you provide, the better chances you will have of targeting just the right person.

Again to add another component locate and click on 11 in the top left of the design window and then select Carousel, if you have more than one image to display you can place them here in a photo carousel which users can swipe through rather than scroll down.

Choose the layout of your images, again I will be using fit to width, this option will allow you to make each of the uploaded images a link rather than just an image.


Notice the numbers at the top left of the upload box, if you would like to include more than 2 images simply click the + to add more.


Locate and click on the Upload Image button to add photos to your carousel. Be sure to include a link with each picture. You can use the online listing, your website, landing page, a virtual business card, or the site that works best for you.


Step Nine:

For our final component we are going to add a Call to Action button to the Canvas. To begin, locate and click 15 in the top left of the design window and then select Button. Once the Button window has appeared you may edit the text in the dialogue box. Below the dialogue box be sure to add the link you believe would be most beneficial. You can change the design of the button using the option below the link box.


Step Ten:

Once you have completed your Canvas, locate and click Save in the top right portion of the screen


As soon as your Canvas has saved, click on Finish


*PLEASE NOTE* Once you have finished a Canvas you cannot change it, review your Canvas now to be sure it is exactly as you wish it to appear. Add more components if you feel they would be beneficial to your Canvas. If there is a component you would like to remove locate and click the three dots and select delete.  19 If you would like to move the component up or down, use the arrow keys to the left.

Once you are sure your Canvas is perfect, click finish


Step Eleven: 

Your Canvas may not initially appear with a cover image, be sure to click Upload Image and add a cover photo. You may include any text you see fit to go along with you Canvas post. When you are done click Publish


Make sure to check Facebook from your Mobile Device to be sure that the Canvas is exactly as you imagined, remember Canvas is only for mobile and will not be view-able from a desktop or laptop.


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