Checking Pinterest Notifications and Messages

You use Pinterest all the time to check for new recipes, look up design ideas, and your Business Account serves as a source of inspiration for potential homebuyers in your network, but how do you make sure you are staying up to date with all of you pin-connections? Simply check your notifications and messages. You should check your Account notifications and messages at least once a week to ensure you don’t miss communication with anyone, and Pinterest will send you some pin ideas for when your own creativity well is running dry.

In the notifications section you will receive alerts regarding:

  • Personalized pin recommendations
  • Who has been liking and saving the same ideas as you and who is following your boards
  • The ideas people you know have been saving and liking
  • Which new boards people are creating and following

In the messages section you will receive:

  • Messages
  • Pins fellow users send to you
  • Group board invitations
  • Comments on your pins

Please see the steps below to check your notifications and messages:

Step 1)

Head to and log into your Business Account


Step 2)

Once you have logged into your Account you will be brought to the home screen with a search bar, tabs on either side and suggested pins below


Step 3)

At the top of the screen, to the right of the search bar locate and click the message icon


Step 4)

To see your notifications, click on the Notifications option on the left, scroll within the window to review your notifications


Step 5)

To check your messages, click the Messages option on the right, If you have any messages they will be located within the window. You can view your messages by clicking on them.


If you would like to send a message to a friend, you can do so by clicking the New message option in the top center of the window.







  1. Do I have a Pinterest business site with you? I know I have a Facebook account. To be perfectly honest I have never had much luck t=with the account. Can you take a look at it and see if you have any suggestions on how I can change things?

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