Twitter Rolls Out Welcome Messages

This week Twitter rolled out a change to their Direct Messages. Welcome Messages have been introduced for all users and Quick Replies have been added for larger businesses (hopefully soon to roll out for all of us). Twitter is boasting “Help without the annoying hold music”, the features are to ensure that companies provide responsive customer service and engage with their fans on Twitter.

By simply clicking “Message” on the Companies Twitter Account, users will be brought to an automated Welcome Message thanking them for their time and displaying some options. Below the message input area are the Quick Replies. Think of Quick Replies as automated FAQ’s. A company can set the questions and responses they need in order to better assist the customer in a timely manner.


Twitter’s large focus with Welcome Messages and Quick Replies is to assist the business by allowing them to save time by easily and more efficiently performing customer service tasks via Twitter rather than a phone call, website, or other platform. However, there are more benefits to be had by companies utilizing Twitter’s new tools. A recent study shows that customers who receive responses on Twitter from businesses are 44% more likely to share their experience and 30% more likely to recommend the brand. For a Real Estate Professional that referral is an invaluable resource.


Any user can set a custom Welcome Message today just by following the directions below, however please note that Quick Replies are still in Private BETA and are not available to the general public.


Set a Welcome Message for your Twitter

Step 1)  Make sure you are logged into your Twitter Account and go to

Once at the home page, locate and click on the your thumbnail in the top right portion of the screen (outlined below in red)


Hover over the thumbnail and click “Settings” when the dropdown menu appears (highlighted below in yellow)


Step 2)  Upon clicking “Settings” you will be brought to a Customer Support area. In the first row under Direct Messages, make sure to check off and enable “Receive Direct Messages from anyone”, without this feature turned on Welcome Messages are not available.

Check off “Support Account” to allow “Provides Support” to appear next to your name in search and compose suggestions.


You also have the option to include support hours, if you are not available on the weekend we heavily suggest including hours.


Step 3)  Once you have included all pertinent information, move on to the Welcome Message below the “Support hours” row. Enter your Welcome Message in the dialogue box and preview the content as it is typed. Please note that while there is not a 140 character limit here, messages over 140 characters may require the reader to scroll depending on their device. Be sure to read over your Welcome Message to be sure that it is clear and concise. When you have finished, click Save.


After saving, your message will appear in the row as it will appear to any readers. If you would like to edit, replace, or entirely remove the Welcome Message, see the options below the grey preview box.


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