Getting Spooky with Facebook and Fang-tastic Halloween Real Estate Marketing Ideas!

Halloween greetings Real Estate Professionals! To help us get in the spooky mood, Facebook is rolling out some festive treats for their users. Adding new themed reactions for a limited time as well as Snapchat-esque masks to their Live Video, Facebook has got us thinking about the benefits of businesses celebrating Halloween and even coordinating specific holiday marketing.


A good marketing campaign has a stickiness factor, meaning that the ad stays with the viewer even after they have finished viewing it. Holiday ads have that extra bite, a clever advertisement can bring a smile to the consumer’s face, locking your name in their memory and keeping it there so that when they think: “I need a Realtor” they think of you. Holidays give you the Real Estate Professional countless ways to reach out to and connect with your audience, make sure you are taking advantage of this major benefit!

It isn’t too late to spread a little spook to your network for Halloween, especially with the help of Facebook.


Here are a few last minute Halloween Marketing Ideas:

1) Facebook Live Video with Halloween Masks

Give your fans a shout out via Facebook Live Video, but give it a Halloween Spin with the new Facebook Masks. Don’t worry if you don’t see masks on your FB Live Video just yet, masks will be rolling out over the next few days for people using Facebook Live on iOS in the United States, with the Android option coming later.

While it may be silly to give Real Estate advice in a virtual Halloween mask, you can offer a simple holiday hello, or make a special announcement. Host a pumpkin carving contest and ask followers to send you their masterpieces for the chance to win a prize, host a giveaway, offer a deal like a free home evaluation. Get creative and have fun!



To record a Live Video using Facebook’s new masks:


2) Treat Bags for Parents Only

How often do you get a line of leads walking up to your doorstep with arms outstretched for treats? Just once a year on Halloween! The focus may be on the children, but that doesn’t mean parents are unreachable. Give out candy to the kids (people always remember the house with the full sized bars) but make special treat bags for the parents as well. Fill your bags up with a few treats as well as your business card and a spooky print out with your contact information. You can include an invite to an open house, inquiry event, or even a coupon for home related services. Hand out your parent gifts while you hand out Halloween candy, or leave a special tray out labeled “For Parents Only!” Save yourself time and money by designing your own print out using Canva and printing it at home.




3) Haunted Open House

Host a haunted house in a vacant home you’re listing in an area with lots of neighbors. Give trick or treaters and their parents a reason to tour the property with simple scares and the promise of candy at the end. Get some friends together with costumes to jump out of the ample closet space, hang spider webs from those soaring high ceilings. After the spooky walk through hand out a flier with information on the house, photos of it un-haunted, contact information, and an invite to a real Open House event. Make sure you display your creepy-creation as a “Haunted Open House” so attendees realize you are a Real Estate Professional and you aren’t confused for the new neighbors.



Holiday marketing can be tons of fun and thanks to the popularity of Social Media combined with the ease of new technology, you don’t even need to leave your home to create and execute a successful Halloween marketing campaign. Take these spooky ideas and scare yourself up some leads this Halloween Season, and don’t forget: Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner!


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