Facebook Announces Facebook at Work


Social Media giant Facebook recently announced their new B2B social network geared at companies called Facebook at Work. While many offices have a “No Social Media” policy during work hours, Facebook aims to change that rejection into a full on embrace. So far Facebook at Work is just in Beta mode and not open to the public. Curious parties can complete a form registering interest with Facebook.



What do we know so far?

  • Facebook at Work will be completely separate from your regular Personal Facebook account as well as your Business Page. When signing up with Facebook at Work users will need to create an entirely new account, this should quell some sure to come concerns about mixing personal and office life.
  • Rather than send out a Friend Request to connect with someone, users on Facebook at Work will have a “Follow” button. This follow is instant and does not require waiting for approval from the followed party.
  • Facebook at work will have “Groups” these groups can be public or private and can be used to differentiate departments, teams, or any distinguishing factor. In these groups users can post comments and share information with each other in one place.
  • The interface will be extremely similar to the Facebook we are all familiar with in that users can post updates, share photos and videos, and communicate with each other as usual.
  • Messenger will be included and is capable of file sharing, group chat, video chat, media sharing, and automated link embedding
  • There is currently an iOS app available for download (please note that without a Facebook at Work account you will not be able to log in) and an Android app is in the works
  • Facebook at Work will not be a free service.



Can we use Facebook at Work for Real Estate?

Facebook at Work will be a valuable tool for many companies, however it will not be necessary for all. Large companies with an extensive employee database may find Facebook at Work to be the unifier they have been waiting for, as will some companies that lack a physical office location or have teams stretched over various regions, however smaller companies with an office of employees who see one another daily may not reap the same benefits.

If you do work with a large company, or if you are part of a team of Real Estate Professionals who do not operate out of a central office location Facebook at Work’s features could truly facilitate in-office communication. With Facebook at Work, users can create Events and invite other employees, group conversations can take place over Messenger, and important information that every employee needs can be distributed by one person with the touch of one button via an update, rather than sending out tedious emails or text messages. Facebook aims to erase your need for any competitive services by including every feature a company may need. Click here to learn more about Facebook at Work.


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