Twitter Moments for Real Estate

For some time now Twitter has had Moments on display, a collection of curated tweets regarding some of the day’s most important happenings. Just this week Twitter announced that Moments have been opened up for all users to create rather than simply consume. As Twitter states “Creators everywhere can now tell stories with Tweets”, with Moments users can include anyone’s tweets in a sort of album with a title and description. Gifs, photos, videos, anything that a user can tweet can be included in your Moments, and all Moments have a Cover Photo. Twitter Moments have clear advantages for news and media outlets, however they can also be beneficially used for Real Estate in your Social Media strategy. In this post we will outline how Twitter Moments can be used by Real Estate Professionals, and how to get started.


  1. Organized FAQ’s

Use Twitter Moments to organize a Frequently Asked Questions section for your Twitter Followers. Select topics you receive questions about often and show potential clients that you are aware of and sensitive to their needs. You can gather existing Tweets from other users, or you can send out your own thoughts on the topic and organize them into a Moment.


  1. Open House and Listing Announcements

Since Moments will present an organized collection of tweets, Real Estate Professionals can take advantage of this by marketing their Listings and Open Houses and then arranging them in a Moment. Tweet photos and information about your new Listing as well as contacts for yourself, details on the local area, and any interesting information that may be useful to your potential clients. Users can also search for tweets related to the neighborhood or local schools and include them in the Moment. Showing hometown pride from existing locals is a great way to get potential clients excited for a new home or area.


  1. Special Moments

 As your Twitter engagement grows, ask clients to follow your account and even send short 140 character reviews of their pleasant interactions with you. When a deal is made, ask clients if you can take a share a picture. Use Twitter Moments to display these real life special moments with your followers and show potential clients that you are there to support the entire process. Gather up your reviews in their own Moment, once a sale is made show the entire process from your very first Listing Tweet to the day the papers were signed. Get creative with these special Moments, there are endless ways to show your unique self and your professionalism with Twitter.




Currently, Twitter Moments are only available on, however the company states that the mobile compatibility will be released shortly.


Step 1:

Head to and log in to your account. Once logged in you will be brought to the Timeline, locate and click on the icon of your profile image on the right side of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear, click on “View Profile”


Step 2:

You will be brought to your Profile, locate and click on “Moments”.


Step 3:

Upon clicking Moments you will be brought to a Moments area, once you have created Moments they will be displayed here. Locate and click on “Create new Moment” on the right side of the screen.


Step 4:

You will be prompted to enter all pertinent information regarding your Moment, be sure to enter the Title, description, set a cover, and add Tweets. Users have the option to add Tweets they’ve liked, Tweets sent by a specific account, Tweets with keywords (Tweet search), and Tweets by link.


Once you have filled out all of the required information and selected Tweets to attach to your Moment, hit “Publish”.


You may receive a note to crop photos included in your Moment to optimize them for Mobile, if this is the case select the “crop” option to be brought to an editing screen. Once all your photos have been optimized click on “Publish” again to submit your Moment. Click confirm on the pop up message to complete your Moment.



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