Adding A Facebook Business Page @Username

The Facebook @Username is the name that will appear directly in the link to your Business Page. It should be optimized to be easily searchable, related to your unique branding, and if possible it should match your other Social Media Usernames. You will not be able to add an @Username, and you may not see the option to do so until your Page has reached at least 25 likes.


While the Facebook @Username is not a new feature, it is now being displayed directly under the Profile Image as part of the recent Facebook Business Page Update.

Before changing your Facebook @Username, here are a few things to consider:

  • If you already have a Username and wish to change it, you can do so in the “About” section of your Page.
  • The @Username must not already be in use by another Page
  • Alphanumeric characters or a period only, however please note that a period will not be considered part of the Username, so “Smith54” and “Smith.54” are the same name
  • You must be an Admin to the Page to change an @Username
  • There is an alternate method to adding an @Username, if you do not see the prompt under your profile image check out the other method at the bottom of this post


Step One:

Head over to your Facebook Business Page and locate the @Username under your Profile Image. If you have not yet created a Username you will see “Create Page @Username”, however if your Page already has a Username, it will appear here. If you already have an @Username but wish to change it please go to the “About” Section of your Page (located under the @Username) and make changes under “Username”


Step Two:

Click “Create Page @Username”, upon clicking a window will appear. Enter the Username you would like for your Page and select “Create Username”.

3Step Three:

If the @Username you have entered is available, a confirmation window will appear. If the name is not available you will need to enter a new Username.



Alternate Step One: 

If you are unable to locate the @Username under your Profile Image, you can still add one in the “About” section of your Page.

Head over to your Business Page, locate and click on “About”.


Alternate Step Two: 

You will be brought to an “About” section, locate the “Username” tab. Hover over the tab and click “Edit”.


Alternate Step Three: 

An editing window will appear, enter your desired @Username and click “Create Username”.


If your @Username is available and the adjustment is successful a confirmation window will appear.



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