How to Convert a Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account

If you have already been using a Personal Pinterest Account for your Business, there is no reason to worry about needing to start fresh. You can easily convert your Personal Account into a Business Account without losing all of your Pins and Boards. As an added benefit, only Business Accounts can use Promoted Pins (Pins that are also paid ads designed to increase visibility), and only Business Accounts can access Pinterest Analytics.


Step One:

Make sure you are already logged into your Pinterest account. Head to Locate and click “Convert Now” under “Already have an account?”


Step Two:

A pop up window will appear, fill out the important information and click “Convert”


Step Three:

Upon clicking “Convert” you will be brought to your new Business Page with a Welcome Note from Pinterest. Under the Welcome message will be some new features available only to Business Accounts. Take a look at your analytics and explore everything else.


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