Adding a Social Media CTA to Your Website


In this age every legitimate business needs a website, a central online location to display all of your information and ways to contact you. Including Social Media Icons on your website is an essential part of growing your Social Media network and boosting client confidence when they look at the site.

More than on a static website, Social Media allows a Real Estate Professional to put that personal touch in each post. Share your unique perspective with website visitors as well by including Call to Action icons on the website.

Not all websites are created through the same means, and because of that please take your specific needs into consideration:

  • If you use a drag and drop creator like Wix or Foursquare to create your website, there should be a Social Media section in the site creator that will allow you to add the URL’s to your Social Media Pages to the site.


  • If you need to create the code by hand for the website, but do not know how to code yourself, use a free service to create code for Social Media Icons and then paste the code into the backend of your website. You can use sites like AddThis, NiftyButtons or SimpleSharingButtons. For this example we will use AddThis.


  • If you have a web developer you can send them the code you have created to implement, or have them write icons in by hand for you.


Using AddThis to create “follow” buttons that redirect to your Social Media Accounts.

Step One:

Create an AddThis account, I signed up using Facebook rather than enter my information manually.

If you already have an AddThis account, log in and click “Follow Buttons”


Step Two:

Click “Go To Dashboard”


Step Three:

Choose “Header Follow Buttons” for floating buttons that will appear at the top of your site

Or choose “Inline Follow Buttons” to add buttons to the footer or sidebar of your site


Step Four:

Fill out the required information. As you are making edits, the buttons will appear in the Live Preview box at the top of the Page. These buttons are clickable so be sure to test them.

Title- text will appear next to buttons, typically “follow” but you can change to “Follow Me On Social” or something more personal.


Follow Services: Choose which services you would like to include from the grey icons, we suggest Facebook Twitter and Pinterest as those are the sites we will be updating for your daily. Add these by clicking the green “+” that appears when hovering the icons.

Add *YOUR* Links:

Scroll to the bottom of the Page and input your links as needed. Do not input the full URL, put only what comes after the “.com/”


To remove any services you do not want to include as buttons (Google+ for example comes prepopulated) scroll to the bottom of the Page and click the “x” on the right side.


Step Five:

Choose your theme from the four available options. When you are finished be sure to save!


Step Six:

Copy and paste the code into the backend of your website as described. You can get more assistance if needed in the links at the bottom of the Page.


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