Creating an Email Template (in MailChimp)

An Email Marketing Campaign is an inexpensive and relatively simple method of gaining exposure for a Real Estate Professional. One could send a monthly newsletter with tips and tricks for potential clients, listings, and more!

With advances in Email Marketing technology, you no longer need to know how to write in code to create an aesthetically pleasing and useful Email, using a service such as MailJet, Constant Contact, or MailChimp. Here I will display how to create a template using MailChimp.


Step One:

Log into your MailChimp Account, you will be brought to the dashboard.

At the top left side of the Page, locate and click on “Templates”



Step Two:

Once brought to the Templates Page, locate and click the grey button reading “Create Template” on the right side of the Page.



Step Three:

You will be brought to a template gallery to choose the style of your Email. You can choose to design your own with basic, code your own, or work off of a preexisting theme. Here we will work with basic using the 1 Column template.



Step Four:

Once you have selected your template you can begin adding, removing, and rearranging content within the content blocks. The content blocks are on the right side of the screen and include items such as: Text, Social Share, Video, Button, and more.



Step Five: Text Content Blocks:

Click the content blocks to edit them, upon clicking a Text window will appear on the right side of the Page. Remove the existing text and enter your text or content here.


Very similar to a standard word processing program (like Microsoft Word) the Text Style, Size, Color, etc buttons are at the top of the Text window.

You can put Images in the Text Box using the Image icon, or give them their own content block using an Image block.

*Remember* you must fill out or remove ALL preexisting sections, do not leave the original template text anywhere in the template.


*Tip: Do not use shortened links when putting a URL in the email template. Instead type the text you would like to appear (i.e.: Click Here), highlight the text, click the link icon in the toolbar at the top of the text window, paste your link in the dialogue box that appears.


Step Six: Image Content Blocks:

Click the image content block to reveal an Image Upload window on the right side of the Page.



Click Browse to be brought to your MailChimp Image Gallery, select your image from the gallery or Upload a new one. When choosing an Image from the Gallery be sure to click “Select”.


To upload a new Image, click the grey Upload button on the top right portion of the Gallery Page. Or upload from Flickr or Giphy using the Upload from URL button in light grey.



Step Seven:


Once you have entered all the necessary Text and Images into your template, you can make aesthetic adjustments.

Break up your newsletter some by adding a divider content block, use an appropriate and matching color scheme, make sure all links work and that everything is properly spelled.


Be sure to add links to your Social Media at the bottom of the email, in the 1 Column template the Social Share buttons are already at the bottom of the template, make sure to edit them to include YOUR links.


Be sure to save your template before closing out of the window. You can test your template by clicking “Preview and Test” in the top right portion of the screen, a dropdown menu will appear with the option to Preview or to Send a Test, I always recommend sending a test email prior to actually sending out your Newsletter.




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