Verifying a Facebook Business Page

Verifying a Facebook Business Page is a simple step a Page Owner can take to make sure their Page looks professional, shows up higher in search results, and help users find authentic and active accounts. To qualify for Page Verification, the Category must be “Local Business” or “Companies & Organizations” and have a Profile Picture and Cover Photo.

The easiest way to verify your Facebook Business Page is via phone number, but be sure you’re using the phone number that is associated with your Business.

Verified Pages will have a checkmark near the name like the one below:



Step One:

Go to your Facebook Business Page, in the top right side locate and click on “Settings” (highlighted in yellow in the photo below)

1a copy

Step Two:

Upon clicking “Settings” you will be brought to an Admin area, locate “Page verification”  (highlighted in yellow in the photo below)

Click on “Edit” on the right side of “Page verification”

2 copy

Step Three:

Upon clicking “Edit” the message pictured below will appear, click on “Verify this Page”


Step Four:

A window will appear, enter your Business Phone Number and any additional information as needed

Be sure you have entered the correct number, and click “Call Me Now”

You will receive an automated phone call from Facebook, a verification code will be read to you


Step Five:

Once you receive the phone call enter the verification code in the dialogue box and click “Continue”

If you cannot remember the code, click “Call Me Again”

5 copy

Step Six:

If the code is correctly entered a “Congratulations” Message will appear, click OK


Facebook will send an Email to the Address Associated with your Personal Account letting you know once more that the Page has been verified:

8 copy

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