4 Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Real Estate, and How to Get Started

Facebook continues to supply Real Estate Professionals with new ways of reaching out to potential clients, and showcasing their unique approach and personality. With the roll out of Facebook Live, Agents can capitalize on a large audience that is not restricted by time or distance. Imagine being able to begin the lead process with multiple potentials without having to make an appointment- Facebook Live is much more than a simple video posted to your Timeline, use it to answer client questions and launch meaningful connections.

Four Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Real Estate:


1) Live Virtual Walk Through: Since Facebook Live Video can reach anyone in your network of fans as you’re posting, you can easily announce the time you will be performing your Live Virtual Walk Through of your new Listings via Facebook and then answer questions as the Walk Through happens. This can eliminate the guess-work of showing a new Listing to a potential buyer. If you don’t already know your clients unique style preferences, or maybe they’re a little unsure about what they’re looking for exactly- you can save time by doing a virtual tour before arranging an in-person Walk Through, the benefit here being that you can have more than one interested party in the Virtual Walk Through at once. In addition to answering questions and gauging interest, a Live Walkthrough can allow you to clear up any confusion about dimensions or states of rooms.

Pro Tip: Be sure to announce the time and date of your virtual walk through at least a day before actually beginning the Live Video, this way clients can plan to be at their computers when needed. Make a Facebook Post, or show off by creating a simple graphic like the one below, using a free service (with optional paid upgrades) such as Canva:


2) Question and Answer Sessions: Social Media allows for a Real Estate Professional to establish a relationship with a potential client at any stage of the home acquisition process. Your wealth of Real Estate knowledge is extremely valuable, however you may not have time to answer every single question that comes your way. A Live Video Question and Answer Hour is a great way to get a conversation going with your Facebook network, and let all of your fans know that you are here to help when they need it. Even if a person is not quite ready to buy or sell a home, they may have a few questions on getting started with either process. If you’re there to answer those questions, you are more likely to be the voice they trust, and therein, the Real Estate Professional that they reach out to when they need your services.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about the size of the chat, you can hold Q&A sessions for specific subjects or demographics of your choosing, just be sure to let everyone know in advance when you make your announcement that this particular chat has a theme. If you know in advance what dates you will be holding specific themed Q&A sessions post the schedule.  To make dialogue more personal, address anyone who asks a question by name or username.




3) Specialty Presentations: As a Real Estate Professional there are many niche markets that you have special knowledge or experience with. For example, let’s say you specialize in retirement communities and are an expert in your local area, perhaps you could hold a specialty presentation on those subjects. Run these a little differently than your Q&A sessions by actually giving an informational presentation on the subject and then taking questions at the end.

Pro Tip: Keep your Specialty Presentations at a manageable length by leaving enough room to take questions. If your Presentation is 20 minutes long, be sure to budget your time to include at least 20 minutes of questions. Always let your network know about your plans to live stream video in advance.




4) Acquiring New Agents: If you own or work in HR for a Brokerage, Facebook Live Video can be an extremely useful tool in the hiring process. Instead of taking the time to explain corporate culture, company policies, and employment details to each interested party on a case by case basis, invite all potential new hires to a Live New Agent Presentation with a Q&A session at the end. During your presentation it is a nice touch to have current Agents with the company talk about their positive personal experience.

Pro Tip: Post your Help Wanted Ads as usual, but require all interested parties to attend your Live Presentation. Open up attendance to anyone in your Facebook network who may be interested. Answer questions about the company here rather than individually to save time and eliminate anyone who may not be interested before scheduling an in person interview.




How to Get Started on Mobile or Desktop:

Getting Started on Mobile

Step One: Advertise your Live Video 3-7 days before going live. This creates buzz, and lets people in your network schedule time to attend your Live Video.

Step Two: On your *MOBILE DEVICE* head to your Business Page and click on “Publish”



Step Three: Select the “Live Video” icon from the bottom of the dialogue window



Step Four: Enter the Name of your Live Video, once you are ready to record select “Go Live”

Step 3

Getting Started on Desktop

Step One:  Please note, you will need a camera in order to continue. Head over to your Facebook Business Page and locate the “Write Something” box. Look to the bottom and click “See All”. If you do not see the option yet do not panic, Facebook is doing a slow roll out and your Page may not have the ability just yet. 

Step Two: Clicking “See All” should reveal more options, locate and click on “Start a Live Video”

Step Three: A window will appear where you can enter information about your Live Video. Enter your copy and click “Next”.

Step Four:  A preview window will appear, once you are ready to start your video hit “Go Live”.


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