Getting Started With Twitter Ads

Twitter is a wonderful place to start conversations with colleagues and potential clients in real time, get some buzz out about a new listing, and share Real Estate knowledge with your followers. With Twitter ads you can set a target audience of people you would like to reach, get your tweets visible to a much wider audience, and set the budget that works for you.

*Remember, Twitter Ads are not free, and you will need a Twitter Account to use Twitter Ads*

Step One:

Go to and click on “Get Started

If you are not already logged into your Twitter account, you will be prompted to log in


Step Two:

Once you have logged into your Twitter Account, you must choose your country and time zone

*You will not be able to change these settings later*


Step Three:

Once you have set your country and time zone you will need to select your campaign objective. For the purpose of Real Estate we suggest “Website clicks or conversions” so that you can send potential clients over to your website or the site where you host your listings.


Step Four:

You will be brought to a confirmation page, double check that you have chosen “Website clicks or conversions” and then click the button reading “Select and continue”


Step Five:

You will now begin to customize your Ad Campaign. First choose a name for your campaign, this way if you make more in the future you will be able to distinguish between them.


When you have finished, scroll down to then customize your audience. In this section you can get extremely specific, spend some time exploring the different options. Be sure at the bare minimum to select the geographic area you would like to target, as well as some keywords and interests.


Once you have selected the correct demographic for your market, scroll down to set your budget.


Once you have set your budget for the campaign, you must design the ad or “choose your creatives”. The ad will appear as a Tweet, you have the option to include an image as well as a headline.

I strongly suggest composing a new Tweet rather than selecting an already existing Tweet.

Make sure that your image is eye-catching and the website URL you enter is where you would like to direct clients who are viewing this ad.

Twitter will suggest that you create multiple ads for optimal performance, use this opportunity to test different images and see what draws the eye the most!



Before hitting “Tweet (promoted only)” be sure to preview the ads you will be posting


Step Six:

When you are satisfied with your ads, scroll to the top of the page and select “Launch


Step Seven:

Enter your payment information and select “proceed to confirm”, confirm your payment method as well as your campaign details and start your campaign!


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