Checking Social Media Messages and Notifications


Part of being successful on Social Media is keeping in touch with your fans and contacts. You should check your Page Notifications and Messages at least once a week to ensure you don’t miss communication with anyone. Staying up to date on your Notifications and Messages are simple, but integral actions that can make or break a Page.


On Facebook

*In order to check your Pages Messages and Notifications you will need Admin Access to the Page*

Step One:

Go to and log into your account

Once you are logged in Head over to your Business Page

Step Two:

Notice the Admin Panel at the top of your Business Page, if you have new Messages or Notifications a red box with the number of Messages or Notifications will appear in the corresponding tab


If you wish to check your Messages, simply click Messages to be brought to the inbox

If you wish to check your Notifications, click on Notifications to be brought to a new window

From this window you can check all of your Notifications at once, or separate them by category using the box on the left side of the page (highlighted in red)



On Twitter

Go to and log into your Account

At the top left side of the screen locate and click on Notifications to view interactions with your Account

Locate and click on Messages to be brought to an inbox


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