How to Remove a Facebook Admin

If you would like to hand your Social Media over to an Assistant or even in-house Coordinator for those listings, you will need to know how to give this person Admin Access. An Administrator can manage all aspects of the page as well as deleting the Page and giving Admin Access to other users. If you are not comfortable with someone having this much access, you can always make them an Editor.  An Editor can do most of the same things as an Admin, however they cannot add new Admins or Delete the Page.

If you would like to explore the roles more thoroughly please see the Facebook Help Center Post

Step One:

Go to and log into your account. Once logged in, head over to your Business Page.

Locate and Click on “Settings” in the top right portion of the screen.


Step Two:

Once you have clicked “Settings” you will be brought to an Admin Panel

On the left portion of the screen, locate and click on “Page Roles”


Step Three:

You will be brought to an Admin Area where you will be able to see everyone who has a role on your Page, and what that role is.


Step Four:

Locate the user you wish to remove as an Admin

If you would like to change their privileges simply click on the downward facing arrow next to “Admin” and under the Username, then select the new role you would like them to have, be sure to save your changes

To delete the user from the page entirely, click on the “x” to the right of the Username, you may need to hover over the Admin’s thumbnail image to reveal the “x”. Be sure to save your changes.


Step Five:

Upon clicking “Save” you will be prompted to enter your Password, enter the Password to complete your changes

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