Updating Information on a Facebook Page

There is no need to worry about outdated information staying on your Facebook Business Page because you can always make necessary adjustments to your “About” section. The “About” section houses some of the most important ways to reach you including your phone number, website, and address. As with any changes to your Business Page, you will need Admin Access to proceed.

Step One:

Go to www.Facebook.com and log into your Personal Account. Once logged into your Account, head over to your Business Page.

Locate and click on “About” below the Profile Image


Step Two:

You will be brought to a “Page Info” area, from here you can make adjustments to any of the information stored and shown on your page by hovering the section you wish to change and clicking “edit”, you will be prompted to input any necessary information upon clicking “edit

Be sure to click save before exiting or your changes will not be updated.





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