How to Like A Facebook Page AS Your Page

For means of cross promotion and networking, it is a great idea to like or favorite the Business Pages of your associates from your Business Page. Maybe there is a particular Home Inspector or Loan Officer you work with specifically who is active on Facebook, you can like their page or even easily arrange to share one another’s posts a few times a week! To easily find and share content for your field you can also add related pages to your favorites. If the brokerage you work with has their own separate Facebook Business Page, be sure to like or favorite them as well! To clarify, Facebook uses like and favorite interchangeably, to add a Business Page to your favorites (as your own Business Page) is the same as to “like” them.

Step One:

Go to and log into your account.

Search for the Business Page you would like to “like” as your Business Page in the Facebook search bar.

(Highlighted in the image below)


Step Two:

Once you are on the Business Page, locate and click on the More icon (with three dots, highlighted in the image below)


Step Three:

A dropdown menu will appear, locate and select “Like as your Page”. (Highlighted in the image below)


Step Four:

A window will appear to select the Page from which you would prefer to Like this page.  

Select the page you wish to use and be sure to click save.


Step Five:

Upon hitting save, a window will appear letting you know that the page, in this case Solved Social Media, has been added to your Page’s favorites. Select “OK” to complete.


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