Facebook Business Page Categories

When creating a Facebook Page, you will have to choose a category, depending on the different types there are varying features available. We suggest that Real Estate professionals list themselves as a “Local Business” to get access to all features including Ratings & Reviews.


See the image below to compare features and Page Categories:

1Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/918592541485077


In order to be listed as a Local Business you will need to enter a street address, you can change this later to “no street address” in your Admin Panel, but you will need to keep a town and zip code on your page. Once listed as a Local Business you will need to choose your subcategory.

The subcategory will be displayed next to your Profile Image on your Business Page so be sure to choose the one that most directly applies to you and your services. You cannot input your own category and you cannot remove the display from your Business Page.


There is a long list of Facebook Subcategories, some of which get changed and updated with relative frequency. Currently for Real Estate Professionals under the Local Business > Property category one can choose:

Estate Agent, Estate Agents, Commercial Property, Property Management, Property Law, Property Appraisal, Property Investment and many more.

A Business Page can display up to three subcategories at one time.


To change your category head to the Admin Panel, locate and click on “About” in the Navigation Bar near your Profile Image:


You will be brought to an “Overview” tab

Locate and click on “Page Info


Underneath your Name, locate and hover on the “Subcategories” Bar, click on “edit” to add or remove subcategories.


Check to see your new categories on your Business Page, next to your Profile Image.


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