How to Merge Facebook Pages

If you have accidentally created more than one Facebook Business Page, you can easily merge the two. Merging pages saves time by adding any fans who haven’t already liked one page, to the other, as well as combining information to make a fuller profile.


Choose the page you would rather keep, we suggest the one (if either) that has more reviews, the most likes, check-in’s, and ratings. You will lose these items on the page you choose not to keep. If the pages do not have the same name, they may not be eligible to merge.

Step One:

Go to and head over to your Business Page.

Locate and click “Settings” in the top right corner of the page.


Step Two:

You will be brought to an Admin Panel, scroll to the bottom to locate “Merge Pages”

Click on ”Edit” to proceed


Step Three:

The window will extend displaying the option to “Merge duplicate Pages”

Click “Merge duplicate Pages”


Step Four:

A window will appear asking you to verify your Password before you proceed, enter your password and click “continue”.


Step Five:

You will be brought to a page with two dropdown menus. *You must be an admin to both pages to merge them.*

In the first dropdown menu, select the page you wish to keep

In the second drop down menu, select the page you want merged.

Click “Merge Pages


**Please Note** If you are successful, the above steps will complete the merging process. The merge will not be immediate and will take hours to a few days to finish. If you are unsuccessful in merging the pages a window will notify you, click contact support to figure out if your pages are not eligible to be merged.

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