Posting a Listing and Photos to Your Business Page


Social Media can be a wonderful place to display your listings to a wide market just by posting them to your Business Page. Facebook allows you to add images, plenty of text to describe the listing, and you can even share the post to your Personal Account once you are done to give it that extra boost.

Please note that you can follow these same steps to post a regular status update without pictures, just skip the photos steps. 


Before Starting:

Make sure you have all of the photos you would like to use saved to your computer in a location you can find. We suggest using .PNG files as they load quickly and clearly on Facebook.

If you are sharing a listing as a link from another webpage, please see this guide.

Step One:

Go to and head to your Business Page.

Click into the dialogue box where it says “Write something…” and enter your desired text


Step Two:

After entering your desired text, locate and click on the camera icon at the bottom of the post box

Upon clicking the camera icon, a menu will appear, select “Upload Photos/Video


Step Three:

Upon clicking “Upload Photos/Video” a file window will appear, find and select all of the images you would like to include. You can of course choose more than one photo at a time.

Once you have selected all of the images you would like to include, hit “Publish”


Step Four (Optional):

To give your listing front and center visibility on your page you can “Pin it to the Top” of the page.

We suggest pinning a different listing every week.

To pin the post to the top of your Page, locate and click the downward facing arrow at the top right side of the post box.

Select and click “Pin to Top


You will be able to verify that the post is pinned by a small blue pin icon in the top right of the post box.



To view the steps in action, please see our video:

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