How to Change Your Twitter Account Email

It is vital to have email access to all of your addresses associated with your social media accounts, updates are sent from Twitter as well as follower notifications, list additions, and mentions or replies. Getting Email notifications sent to your computer or phone is an excellent way of monitoring activity on your accounts without having to physically log into each one every single day.

Here we will discuss how to change your Twitter Account Email Address in order to stay up to date and well informed.


Step One:

Log into your account at, upon logging in you will be brought to your homepage. Locate and click your profile picture icon to the far right at the top of the page. (Highlighted in yellow in the photo below)


Step Two:

Upon clicking the profile image icon a drop down menu will appear, locate and click “Settings and privacy”.


Step Three:

After clicking “Settings and privacy”, you will be brought to an editing section. Locate “Email” under “Username” in the “Account” area. Highlight and remove the current email address.

Enter the new Email Address you would like to use, be sure to hit “Save” upon completion or your changes will not be saved.


Step Four:

After hitting “Save Changes” you will be prompted to provide your password, enter your password in the dialogue box to save your changes.


Step 5:

Please note that you must confirm your new Email Address following this or the changes will not be completed.


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