How to Delete a Twitter Account

If at any point you would like to take down your Twitter profile, you must first deactivate your account thus marking it for removal. Once you deactivate your Twitter account your information is stored for only 30 more days, during which point you can choose to reactivate your account, however after that the deletion process begins. If you would like more details on the deactivation timeline please see the Twitter Support Page-

Please note that if you would like to make aesthetic changes to your URL or username or technical changes to the email address the account is registered with, you can do so without deleting your account.

Step One:

Log into your account at

Locate and click on the small thumbnail of your profile image on the top right portion of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear, locate and click on “Settings”.


Step Two:

Upon clicking “Settings” an Account area will be displayed. Scroll down to locate “Deactivate my account” all the way at the bottom of the page in small text.


Step Three:

Click “Deactivate my account” to bring up a window to confirm that you would like to deactivate and then delete your account.



  • Users only have 30 days to reactivate accounts or their information will be deleted
  • Users do not need to delete the account to change the username, URL, or associated email address

Upon clicking “Deactivate (username)” a confirmation page will be brought up, reminding you how to reactivate your account if you so choose.


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