How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

 Whatever the reason may be, it is a valuable skill to be able to delete a Facebook Business Page. As with any fundamental changes to the Business and Fan Pages, you must have Admin Access in order to delete the page. There are alternatives to deleting a page- unpublishing will make the page invisible to anyone who is not an Admin or Editor. You can also merge pages if you have accidentally created more than one. Here we will only discuss how to delete and completely remove a page.

Step One:

Head over to your Facebook Business Page. With Admin Access you will see a settings bar at the top of the page. Locate and click on “Settings”.


Step Two:

Upon clicking the “Settings” button you will be brought to an Editing Area, the page should open in the “General” tab. If you are not already in “General” please locate and click there.

At the bottom of the “General” tab is “Remove Page”.

Locate and click “Edit” on the right side of “Remove Page”.


Step Three:

Clicking edit will reveal a message informing you that once you click delete you will have 14 days to restore the page if you change your mind. After that you will be asked to confirm whether or not to delete permanently.

Click “Delete (page name)


Step Four:

Set a reminder on your calendar or scheduling app to look for the email from Facebook (after 14 days) to confirm that you would like to permanently delete your page. If you do not see the email always remember to check your spam folder, also check on your Personal Facebook (the account that had admin access) for a notification.

You must confirm to delete your page.

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