Sending Tweets

Posts to Twitter are referred to as “Tweets”. A Tweet can be up to 140 characters and can contain links, GIFs, videos, and images, as well as hashtags. Steps for both how to send a Tweet as well a how to Mention another user in a Tweet will be explained.

Send a Tweet:


Step One:

Head to and select “Log In” to log into an already existing account, or “Sign Up” to create a new account.

Step Two:

Once you have logged in you will see your homepage, it will look similar to the photo below:



From the Homepage you can click into the dialogue box where it says “What’s happening?” and add your verbiage or any media there, you can also click on the “Tweet” icon in the top right corner to bring up a dialogue box.


Remember when typing out your Tweet to keep an eye on the character count as there is a 140 character limit (not including links). When you have entered too many characters the number will show up negative and the font will turn red.

You can enter any text in the “What’s happening” area of the dialogue box, the icons are explained below:

  • Camera- add an image or video from your device
  • GIF- opens the GIF library of searchable GIFs for your Tweet
  • Polls- allows users to create polls which other users can answer, results will be displayed once the poll is over
  • Location- tag your location in your Tweet


Step Three:

Once you have entered the information and media you would like to Tweet as well as any relevant hashtags, you simply hit “Tweet”.


To Tweet At Someone:

Step One:

Head to the users profile, if you are not already on it, you can look for them using the search bar in the top right portion of the screen:


Step Two:

Once you are on the profile you wish to Tweet to locate the “Tweet to …” button under the users profile image:


Step Three:

Notice the @username at the front of the dialogue box, this lets you know that you are Tweet at that user specifically rather than just Tweeting in general.

Enter the verbiage you would like to send out and hit “Tweet”


Alternatively, if you would like to reply to a Tweet by another user, locate and click the arrow to the bottom left of the Tweet:


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