How to Add a Social Media Call-To-Action to Your Email Signature

The power of the hyperlink can certainly make things a lot easier on the Internet. They enable you to condense long, complicated URL’s into short easy words or phrases that at the click of your mouse, instantly bring you where you need to be. This can be easily harnessed to help out your social media following.

By adding hyperlinks to your social media pages in your email signature, you are enabling any recipient of your email to easily be brought to each page directly instead of them have to search for you or even type!

I will be using Gmail for this short guide

Step 1- In your email signature settings, type out the word(s) or phrase you would like to become linked to your pages. As you can see below, I simply typed out “Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest” but for those who want to customize you are free to be as creative as you would like.


You are going to need to highlight the specific word you want to become linked. Above, you can see I have highlighted Facebook so that the word “Facebook” will become clickable to my Facebook page.


Step 2- Next you are going to click the 2icon which is the universal symbol for Link.



You now have the ability to link the Text (text to display) and Web address or URL you would like the text to be clickable to, thus creating a hyperlink. If done correctly the text will now be a blue color and underlined as seen below. 4


If you want to really stand out, some email services (like Gmail) allow you to change the Text Color in the signature editor like below:5

With these steps in place, you will have CTAs (Call To Actions) in you email signature that will link directly to your social media pages to increase your audience.

To view all of the steps in action, please see the video below. Please note there is no sound on the video:


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