How to use hashtags

Hashtags are mainly used on Twitter, but can also be used on Facebook. When using a hashtag you use the number symbol (#). 

First Log in to your Twitter, Facebook, or both. 


Step 1- In the top middle of your Twitter account you will see an area to compose and post a status. (circled in red) 


The section where it says “What’s happening?” is where you will post an update with a hashtag. When choosing a hashtag you want to make sure it is relevant to the content you are posting as well as a popularly used. If you are posting about buying a home you can have a few different hashtags. For example if you’re a Long Island Real Estate Professional your hashtags might look similar to these:



  • You cannot put punctuation or spaces in a hashtag
  • Search for trending hashtags and tweet accordingly, but do not use hashtags that are irrelevant to your post
  • Get a schedule in place with trending tags such as #MondayMotivation or create your own catchy hashtags like #LovelyListings
  • You can hashtag your brand to make all of your posts easily searchable for example #REMAX or #SuzzieSells

After choosing your hashtags the final step is to click Tweet.




*Post AS your Facebook Business Page rather than on it.* If you are unsure how to do so see this guide –

Step 1- In the middle right hand side your account you will see where you would post a status.


The section where it says “What’s on your mind?” is where you will post a status with hashtags. I will be using the same hashtags that I used for Twitter.

Capture-listings-fb copy

You can let friends and followers know what you’re up to, when you’ve got new Listings, or when you’re having an Open House!

After choosing your hashtags the final step is to click Post.


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