How to Find Content Specific to Your Audience

When posting to your Social Media Channels as your Business rather than yourself, it can be hard to find a jumping point for the type of content you should post. There are several websites that you can visit that will provide with you with compelling content. Here are a few that we suggest:


These are all good, reliable, accurate news and informational websites that you can use to find content to post to your social media channels. *You will not only find good written content here, but most if not all articles from these sites have good photos to go along with the articles.

*On average it takes roughly 1 hour (average) to locate an article, read through, format it for Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and push out that one piece of content for any given day during the week. Allow extra time to respond and review interaction between your pages and the people who are connected to those pages.


Posting Tips:

  • Do not over-sell when posting, including listings, virtual walk throughs, and information custom to you is a great way to interact with your audience but sales should not be your only posts.
  • People use Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to interact and socialize with people, businesses, and brands. The key word is SOCIALIZE! If you constantly and only try to sell to them, they are likely to “unlike” or “unfollow” your pages. This means they will no longer receive ANY information you post.
  • Mix between Informational, Market & Entertaining
  • Post information your audience would want to read. Put yourself in their shoes and think of information you would click if it showed up in your newsfeed.
  • Use pictures
  • People are 5 times more likely to click on your posts if there is a picture attached to it.
  • Try to post everyday
  • If you post 5 times a day then most people will be unhappy and want to remove you from their lists.
  • Post around 3pm: Must you post exactly at 3pm every day? No, but if you are posting sometime between 2pm-4pm you have the best chance of people seeing your post. *This does not mean that this is the universal, best time to post for every business page by any means. Experiment with different times, social media is all about getting to know your audience.

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