How to Create a Business Pinterest Account

Step 1- Go to and look at the bottom of the page. Click on “Businesses”. (pictured outlined in yellow) 


Step 2- You will be brought to a page for Pinterest Business Accounts, click “Join as a business”. (pictured outlined in yellow)


Step 3- Fill out the required information in the pop up menu:



Step 4- Choose “What you are interested in”. If you have ever created a Twitter account you will be familiar with this step. You are choosing topics that you are interested in (again remember topics that are related to real estate) and once you have chosen these topics you can “Follow” them on Pinterest.

>Some suggestions for topics include: Architecture, Gardening, DIY, etc.


Step 5- Once your topics of interest are selected your “Newsfeed” (which is your default screen) will display photos and videos from the topics you’ve chosen when you are logged into your account.

To finish setting up your profile, click the thumbnail image in the top right-hand corner of the page, then click “My Profile”. (pictured outlined in red)


Step 6-  Once you are looking at your profile, click on the gear icon in the top left-hand portion of the screen. (pictured circled in red)


Step 7- A “Business Account Basics” section will appear, scroll down a bit to the “Profile” section. Fill out the requested information about your Business. Change your URL by editing the “Username” box in the popup menu. When you are finished click “Save”. 





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