How To Share Your Facebook Business Page

You will be looking at your Facebook Business Page. I will be using the Solved Social Media Page as my example. You will be learning how to share your Facebook Business Page 6 different ways:

  • On your own timeline
  • On a friend’s timeline
  • In a private message
  • In a group
  • In an event
  • In a Page you manage

Step 1– If you look directly below your profile picture you will see a few buttons. They will say Like or Liked, Message, and More


Step 2- Click on the share icon.


After clicking there will be a drop down menu like the one below.


Step 3- Now you will see a box similar to mine but with your pages name. Where it says Share on your own timeline that is the default.


Step 5- Share This Page

Look to the top left of that box. You will see a drop down menu with the words Share on your own Timeline.


This is what you want to do to post it to your own Personal Account.


Before sharing your page to a friend’s timeline or private message you will have to click that drop down menu again to change the setting. You can pick multiple friends to post on a friends timeline or a private message. When you post to a friend(s) wall all their friends can see the post. When sending a private message only that person can see it (it’s like sending an email.)

  • On a friend’s timeline: To post on a friend(s) timeline click on the Share on a friend’s Timeline option (Make sure there is a checkmarkon that line)


Type in the friend(s) name you choose to post on their timeline.


  • In a group: To post in a group click on the Share in a group option (Make sure there is a checkmarkon that line)


Type in the group(s) name you wish to post in.


  • In an event: To share in a Facebook event click on the Share in an event option (Make sure there is a checkmarkon that line)


Type in the event(s) name you wish to post in.


  • On a Page you manage: To share on a Page you manage click on the Share on a Page you manage option


Once you have clicked Share on a Page you Manage two dropdown menus will appear, in the first box select the Page you would like to post on in the other select the Page you would like to share the post from.


  • In a private message: To send a private message(s) click on the “Share in a private message” (Make sure there is a checkmarkon that line)


After clicking that tab type in the friend(s) name whom you would like to send a message


To view the steps of how to share your Business Page to your Timeline in action, please see the video:

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