How to post images when you update

When posting a status you will want to add an image in your post update. By doing so it adds something extra to the content being posted. In order to post an image you will need to be logged into your Facebook account.

Step 1- Head over to your Facebook Business Page. You will see a rectangular box that says Write Something in the center of the Page. Click into the dialogue box.


Step 2- At the bottom of the photo/video box you will see a series of icons. Click on the camera icon to the left. Click the camera icon to reveal a menu, choose Upload Photos/Video.


After clicking Upload Photos/Video a pop up window will appear. Pick what image you wish to upload from your computer. You can also write text to go along with the photo in the area that says: Say something about this…


Your screen will look similar to the screen above with the picture you choose as well as the wording. If you want to choose more than one photo, just click on the plus sign next to the photo that was already uploaded. Once you have finished click Publish.

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