How to Access your Facebook Business Page

Step 1: In your web browser type or click here


Step 2: You want to look to the right of your screen, where you will see boxes like the picture below.


In those 2 boxes you will put your e-mail and password for your Personal Facebook Account. After entering that information it will bring you to your personal Facebook Newsfeed. It should appear similar to the picture below.


Step 3: Once you are logged in you will see a downward facing arrow on the top right-hand side that looks similar to the picture below. (highlighted in red)


Step 4: Click on the downward facing arrow. A drop down menu will appear, at the top you should see “Your Pages:”.


Step 5: Click on your business page name. (I will be clicking on Solved Social Media). Clicking the Page will bring you over to your Business Page.


To view the steps in action, please take a look at our video:

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