How to Invite Friends from your Personal Page to your Business page


Boosting your audience is one of the most important things a Real Estate Professional can do to get their name out there in the Social Media world. As your audience grows and interacts with your Page your potential visual impressions increase not just from those audience members but the people they are connected with as well. Inviting your personal Facebook friends to like or even share your Business Page is likely to really set the ball rolling on building your fan base.

Step 1- When viewing your Home screen when logged into your Personal Account, you will see a section that says “Pages” on the left side of the screen.  Below that you will see the name of your Facebook Business page.

Alternately you can also get to your Page by searching for it by name in the search bar at the top of the screen.


Step 2- Start to type the name (I’ll be using Solved Social Media for the demonstration) of your business page in the bar and your page should pop up in the dropdown menu. Click it and you will be brought to your business page.


Step 3- Once you have reached your Facebook Business Page, locate and click on the “…” ellipses located below your cover photo.


Step 4- When the drop down menu appears, locate and click on “Invite Friends”.


Step 5- Upon clicking “Invite Friends” a pop up window will appear showing your Personal Facebook connections with the option to “Invite” on the right side. Anyone who has already liked you Page will appear with “Liked” rather than the “Invite” option, anyone you have already invited will appear with “Invited” beside their name.

When you have finished inviting the friends you would like to bring over, click on “Close” at the bottom of the window.


To view the steps in action please see our video: 


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