Post AS your Business Page instead of ON it

A Facebook business page is a fantastic communication medium to stay in touch with current clients and be introduced to new prospects, but occasionally there are a few things that prohibit that from happening.  I have been seeing a lot of people post ON their business page instead of AS their business page.

This screen shot will demonstrate the difference:


As you can see, when I posted ON the business page it was extremely tiny and way down on the page. It’s also important to point out that fans of the page will not see it in their news feed when posting this way. When posting AS your business page, it was center stage (well slightly to the left) and the information will get pushed out to the fans when posted this way.

Don’t worry, this is a very common slip up and with a few simple changes you can be sure you are doing it correctly. I figured there might be some overall uncertainty when it comes to using a business page so I figured I would cover some basics.


When you first log in, you are doing so as your Personal page and are brought to your home screen.  There are a few things I would like to go over when using Facebook that is permanent to today’s blog entry :

1) Sharing– Taking any piece of content from another page/person you find on Facebook and pushing it to your fans/friends.

  • Example: Sharing an article from your favorite publication you like on Facebook.

2) Posting– Creating a unique piece of content your fans (or anyone on FB) can view.

  • Example: Posting a photo of a new home you just listed with details.

3) Commenting– Responding ON a piece of content or a responding to a fan who has made a comment.

  • Example: Well… it’s pretty self-explanatory.


We want to make sure we use the business page as the business the page when interacting with Facebook.

For # 2 & 3 it’s very simple. Towards the top right of the home screen, you will find the following icons/buttons. *You should make note that it should say your name next to the home button.


Click the downward facing arrow and you will see “Use Facebook as:” with your business page in the list.


Once you click the name you will be brought to your business page BUT, you will now notice that instead of it saying your name next to the home button, it will say the name of your business page. Ah, see what we did there?


All comments/posts will now come from your business page instead of your personal page.



For # 1 which is Sharing, it is also very simple.

Say you come across something while on Facebook and you think your fans will find it interesting. Locate the “share” button and give it a click.


A pop up will display in front of you but WAIT! Before you click the “Share photo/article” button, you need to change the Share Option if you want the article to appear on your business page (it defaults to posting to your personal page).

To change the share option choose the “On a Page you manage”. If you are an Admin of more than one business page, you can choose which page directly below the Share Option. Once you have that done click the “Share Photo/Article” button and you are all set!



The post has now been shared on your page and with your fans!



    1. Hey Ron,

      That is correct, you wouldn’t have “Solved Social Media” in the drop down. You would instead have the name of your business page.

      I just used Solved Social Media’s Facebook page as an example. Sorry for the confusion.


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