New Face-lift for Business Pages

Yes everyone it is true. A new look  will be rolling out for Facebook business pages and while a select few have already received the new “Face” lift (come on you laughed a little) we are still waiting for the majority of people to switch over.

First off I would like to say that I was planning on this month’s blog being “How to Navigate Your Admin Panel”. Seeing as how Facebook will be completely altering the current format of the Admin panel, I will be holding off on that How to Video for once they completely change over and I am a bit more comfortable with it.

Facebook’s New Look (Mark always keeping us on our toes):

This will change both the profile view, which is what the audience will see in addition to things on the back-end such as the admin panel of the page.

So with that being said let’s take a look at the new design:


As you can see, we have a different layout but perhaps the most noticeable thing about it is that there is no longer the dual column view that the older version had when it came to how posts were laid out (see below).



Traditionally (with the older design) when a business page posted content, the content would appear in chronological order left and right. So as you can see in the above graphic the March 30th post (the little sad Twitter bird) was posted to the left and the following day, the March 31st post was posted to the right slightly closer to the top of the page.


Now I’m sure there are some questions so here are the Top 4 Questions/Answers about the Update:


1. Since the content will appear on the RIGHT side of the page instead of the dual column (as seen above). What information with appear on the left-side of the column?

The left-side will show things such as- page likes, photos, reviews, videos and pertinent contact information. “Admins will also soon be able to rearrange the order in which these sections appear in the left-side column.”



2.  I noticed that my Apps are no longer underneath my Cover Photo. Where exactly will my Apps appear?

There are two locations in which Apps will appear- In the left-side column (see below) or in the Top navigation menu under the “More” button/tab. 




3. I don’t seem to be able to find my business page’s Inbox. Where can I view my messages?

There are two locations where a business page’s messages can be viewed.  In the “Activity” Tab or in the “This Week” box located to the top left and right side of the Cover Photo respectively (See below)




4.  When will my business page have access to the updated design? 

The design has rolled out to a small number of pages. Over the next several weeks, more and more pages will begin to see the updated design.


I hope this was helpful and please, if you have any other questions leave us a comment and we will be MORE than happy to answer it to the best of our ability.


Matt and The Solved Social Media Team

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